1960s Concert Posters (1964) – Part – 2

1960s Concert Posters - Part - 2

02 22 1964 - Bob Dylan Concert Poster (First and only bay area performance)

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Fantasy Records was based in Berkeley, CA, and run by Saul Zaentz. It was famous for its jazz catalogue, and also for discovering Creedence Clearwater Revival. Thanks to Keith Venturoni for information about this acetate. He has been in touch with Fantasy Records, and confirmed that the tape from which this acetate was made came from Ralph Gleason, who was a co-owner of Fantasy at the time. The acetate was made from the tape between 1972-80 by David Turner, Fantasy's then chief engineer (this may have been during the period when Bob wasn't signed to Columbia). Fantasy think they still have the tape in the vaults, along with that of a concert by Bob at Berkeley Community Theater (which is likely to be 4 Dec 1965, not 22 Feb 1964 as I originally speculated). This acetate, believed to be stereo, is now revealed to be a copy of the second acetate above, using the same job number 77182.

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