Bob Dylan With his Aunt Irene Goldfine

Aunt Irene Goldfine bob dylan

Aunt Irene Goldfine bob dylan

with Aunt Irene Goldfine…from Hibbing, now in Scottsdale, Arizona…she is part of the Stone branch…she was sister to the late Lewis Stone (10 September 1918-26 January 2005) z”l, who owned Stone Clothing Store in Hibbing, and the late Beatrice Stone Zimmerman Rutman, Shabtai Zisel / ‘Bob Dylan”s mother…

“Irene Goldfine, Ben Stone’s youngest daughter, was about five years old when this store burned down according to her. Their home was in the back of the same store building which was common in those days.”


May 12, 1946 – Mother’s Day Celebration – Duluth, MN

He stamped his foot and commanded attention. Bobby said, ‘If everybody in this room will keep quiet, I will sing for my grandmother.”

June 9, 1946 – Aunt Irene’s Wedding Reception – Covenant Club, Duluth, MN

Bob’s first paid performance. An uncle said, proffering a handful of bills, “You’ve got to sing.” He refused. The pleading increased, although the fee remained the same. “So he sang,” his mother said, but not until he had announced: ‘If it’s quiet, I will sing.’” … Everyone was quiet as Bob’s two-song repertoire was repeated. Again the audience cheered, and Bobby walked over to his uncle and took the twenty-five dollars. He approached his mother with his first gate receipts. “Mummy,” he told her, “I’m going to give the money back.” He returned to his uncle and handed him the money. He nearly upstaged the bridal couple.



Bob dylan ‘s footsteps Hibbing Part-1


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