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Bob Dylan and Art  (Translated from Turkish)

Although painters who are most fond of the artist, masters such as Titian and Caravaggio of the Renaissance revolution, instant impromptu paintings heavily carries the impressions of Edward Munch and Otto Dix. The artist prefers to reflect subjective emotionality as it reflects the objective reality. While emotions are reflected in different complex perspectives, passion comes to life with vivid colors.

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Bob Dylan’s “Baby Stop Crying”: the meaning of the lyrics and the song

Of course I get the point of singing “stop crying” eight times in every chorus, because that is the point with someone who is so distressed by the break up of a love affair that they simply cannot escape the misery and pain.

But like the paintings that make up The Scream by Edvard Munch I don’t need to look at it that much before it just overwhelms me.  The Scream overwhelms me with horror, Stop Crying with depression.  Different views of life, but not something that I want every time I come to play the album.

In fact I can handle the poem behind The Scream better than I can deal with the painting…


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Bob Dylan’s Plagiarism Row

Ever since the birth of photography, painters have used it as the basis for their works: Edgar Degas and Edouard Vuillard and other favorite artists—even Edvard Munch—all took or used photos as sources for their art, sometimes barely altering them.

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Bob Dylan show Mullins Center Nov. 19, 2010

an observation the tunes themselves ratify by living an extra second up in the dusty distant rafters where they sound like an Edvard Munch painting looks.

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Indeed, she draws an analogy with a teenager listening to overwrought, depressing music in their bedroom, before learning as they grow older to appreciate a songwriter like Bob Dylan who deals with subtler, more complex emotions.

Munch’s The Scream… and the appeal of anguished art


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