29 October 1961 Bob Dylan – Oscar Brand’s “Folk Song Festival”

29 october 1961 bob dylan - Oscar Brand's "Folk Song Festival"

Oscar Brand with Bob Dylan 1961

Dylan special retrospective on WBAI-FM in 1994. When first broadcast in 1994, only Sally Gal and a short interview were heard,

Bob Dylan’s First Radio Interview, With Oscar Brand

… return to our guest this evening. His name is Bob Dylan, and November the 4th he will be at Carnegie Chapter Hall in a very exciting concert of songs that he’s collected since his first days when he was born in Minnesota. And then he went down to the Southwest, he traveled around the country with carnivals, and as we heard earlier he’s collected a lot of many songs from many people.

Bob, I know that that means, when you travel that much that you hear a lot of songs. But doesn’t it also mean that you forget a lot of songs that way?

Oh, yeah… I learned… I forgot quite a few, I guess, an’ once I’d… when I forgot ’em, I usually heard the name of ’em and looked ’em up in some book an’ learned ’em again.

Can you read music?

No, I can’t, but this here song’s a good example. I learned it from a farmer in South Dakota, and he played the autoharp. His name is Wilbur. Met him outside of Sioux Falls when I was there visiting… people an’ him… and heard him do it… I was looking through a book one time, I saw the same song and I remembered the way he did it. So this is the song.



23. 01:04:09 Bob Dylan The Girl I Left Behind (Folk Song Festival, 29th October, 1961)

39. 02:00:08 Bob Dylan Sally Gal (Folk Song Festival, 29th October, 1961) (Folk Song Festival, 29th October, 1961)


Sources : https://www.bobdylanroots.com/folkfest.html

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