30 Famous Rock Stars Who Committed Suicide

30 Famous Rock Stars Who Committed Suicide

Rock Stars Who Committed Suicide: The phenomenon of rock stars dying by suicide is a tragic aspect of the music industry that often sheds light on the challenges related to mental health issues and substance abuse.

It’s heartbreaking to note that a number of rock musicians have taken their own lives over the years. Here are some of them:

  1. Kurt Cobain: The Nirvana frontman’s death by suicide in 1994 shocked the world. His struggles with depression and addiction were well-known.
  2. Ian Curtis: The lead singer of Joy Division took his own life in 1980, just before the band was due to embark on their first American tour.
  3. Chris Cornell: The Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman died by suicide in 2017.
  4. Chester Bennington: The Linkin Park vocalist, who was also a close friend of Chris Cornell’s, took his own life in 2017 on what would have been Cornell’s birthday.
  5. Wendy O. Williams: The Plasmatics frontwoman, known for her wild stage antics, died by suicide in 1998.
  6. Richey Edwards: The guitarist and lyricist for the Manic Street Preachers disappeared in 1995 and was legally declared dead in 2008, though his body was never found. Many suspect that he took his own life.
  7. Brad Delp: The lead singer of Boston took his own life in 2007.
  8. Michael Hutchence: The INXS frontman died by suicide in 1997.
  9. Keith Emerson: The keyboardist and founding member of Emerson, Lake & Palmer died by suicide in 2016.
  10. Vincent Crane: The Atomic Rooster founder and keyboardist took his own life in 1989.
  11. Elliot Smith: The singer-songwriter known for his melancholic sound died in 2003. The circumstances of his death remain a topic of debate.
  12. Nick Drake: The influential English singer-songwriter died in 1974; his death was ruled as suicide, although some dispute this conclusion.
  13. Pete Ham: The lead singer of Badfinger, a British rock band, took his own life in 1975.
  14. Tom Evans: Another member of Badfinger, Evans followed his bandmate Pete Ham in death by suicide in 1983.
  15. Doug Hopkins: The lead guitarist and songwriter for the Gin Blossoms took his own life in 1993.
  16. Jason Thirsk: The former bassist for the punk rock band Pennywise died by suicide in 1996.
  17. Dylan Thomas: Lead singer and songwriter for the Australian rock band Clouds, he died by suicide in 2001.
  18. Paul Hester: Drummer for the bands Split Enz and Crowded House, Hester died by suicide in 2005.
  19. Hide (Hideto Matsumoto): Lead guitarist for the heavy metal band X Japan, Hide died by suicide in 1998.
  20. Paul Williams: Founding member and vocalist of the Christian rock band After the Fire, Williams died by suicide in 2019.
  21. Del Shannon: The 1960s rock and roll musician known for his hit “Runaway” died by suicide in 1990.
  22. Donnie Moore: A member of the band Avi Buffalo, Moore died by suicide in 2015.
  23. Gidget Gein (Brad Stewart): The former bassist for Marilyn Manson died by suicide in 2008.
  24. Rozz Williams: The vocalist and founder of the bands Christian Death, Shadow Project, and Premature Ejaculation died by suicide in 1998.
  25. Roy Buchanan: The influential American guitarist and blues musician died by suicide in 1988.
  26. Sándor Bencsik: The Hungarian rock guitarist and member of the band Bikini died by suicide in 1983.
  27. Greg Ham: The multi-instrumentalist for the band Men at Work died by suicide in 2012.
  28. Phil Ochs: The American protest singer and songwriter died by suicide in 1976.
  29. Dave Brockie (Oderus Urungus): The frontman of the shock rock band GWAR died by suicide in 2014.
  30. Jeremy Michael Ward: The sound engineer and member of The Mars Volta and De Facto died by suicide in 2003.

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