Bob Dylan – Alternate shot (Bringing It All Back Home photoshoot.)

This new shot, which reached the public in May 2016, is from the Bringing It All Back Home photoshoot. The Caf has listed information on most of the objects, the television and magazine to its left on the table are now identified.

Can you identify the cards each side of the right candle on the mantle-piece?

Can you identify what is on the chair behind Bob Dylan towards the stairs.

And the dude in the oil painting? People have been asking who he is for more than half a century!




Alternate shot.

“This is one of the shots I’ve been sitting on for 50 years. It has never been seen before [May 2016]. I wanted the shot to express the fact that Bob Dylan was about to change. He’s not the guy in the leather jacket any more. Now, he’s the guy in the dark sport blazer wearing nice cufflinks. There’s no guitar in the shot because I saw him not as any one kind of performer but as a prince of music. I had been in the sessions for the album, so I knew now who he was musically. The photo was shot in Albert Grossman’s house. The room was the original kitchen of this house that’s a couple hundred years old. The fireplace is big enough to cook in. The divan, which was multicolored, was a gift from Mary Travers, of Peter Paul and Mary, to Albert and his wife, Sally, for their wedding. Bob contributed to the picture the magazines he was reading and albums he was listening to. Bob wanted Sally to be in the photo because, well, look at her! She chose the red outfit.” — Daniel Kramer

“Photograph from Dan Kramer’s A Year And A Day at The Snap Gallery, London, SW1, 18 June 2016.”


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