Bob Dylan Fan Facts (41 Facts)


24 – There are no facts about Bob Dylan because all the truth in the world adds up to one big lie.

25- That he is still making music. I don’t think I really listened to music until I heard Bob Dylan. The 60’s was such a strange time. I clearly remember Nat King Cole. My grandmother loved his music. I was vaguely aware of Elvis but it was still just songs. Then I heard Bob in 1964. At age 9. So the fact that he literally wrote the soundtrack to my life in real time. Every time I bought a record or CD I really needed what it gave me. There are still many things I have never heard him sing. But he is my musical well. When I need him he is there.

26- That after almost 60 years of fame and fortune he is still so human and true to himself. Perhaps this is what makes his music so powerful. He has retained a way to stay connected to a reality with which we all identify and see in his lyrics.

27- That he was once paid with cheeseburgers

28- Not the most interesting but I think it’s cool he signs autographs with both hands. 
Loyalty to his friends get high marks as far as I’m concerned.

29- he sounded the best when he was smoking / not so good when he stoped

30- He likes to sail

31- Dylan and DH Lawrence have many similarities.  Both grew up in coal mining towns, moved to NYC &  London to make their names, travelled around the world and established themselves as unique artists.  The people of Japan have revered both men for decades.

32- When he meets his heroes .. if they express mutual admiration .. he expresses disdain and wants nothing to do with them again. 


33- The Beatles spent more time in the studio working on SGT. PEPPER’s, than Bob did on all his albums up to and including DESIRE.  I think I have that right.

34- That he’s only Bob Dylan when he has to be. 

35- His apparent ability to appear so close to you and to simultaneously disappear. 

36- There are (far too) many books about Bob Dylan, but the best of them all are not about Bob Dylan, but about a man (Destin) searching for Bob Dylan. Its by the Norwegian author Fartein Horgar, published in 1989 and it is the most funny book you can imagine.  Too bad its a language out of reach for most people.

37- Best crazy legged dancer alive.

 bob dylan dancing

38- Met a woman recently from Hibbing. She grew up with Bob and knows him well. She said he is the nicest, kindest and most wonderful man, just like his parents. I love that.


39- …so from above piece of fiction; you can draw the interesting fact that Bob Dylan has a big boat called “Jokerman”, and when he does’nt need to be Bob Dylan- he is sailing around the Caribbean..

40- He identified with Woody Guthrie so much that, when he arrived in New York at age 20, he told all of his new friends that he was the son of a Rancher in Oklahoma.

41- I love that he and George Harrison were such good mates and Harrison said that he’d often call Bob but he seldom picked up. However, he picked up on first ting when he called about the Wilbury idea. Also, when Harrison asked him to perform Blowin   in the Wind at Bangladesh concert, he responded, “how would you like it if I asked you to sing I Wanna Hold Your Hand”? Despite this snarky remark he played the song for his pal.

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