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    25 Interesting Bob Dylan Facts

    Best 25 Bob Dylan Fan Facts  1. He lived his first six years in Duluth, next 12 years in Hibbing, and a year or two in Minneapolis before launching his career in New York City. 2. In Hibbing, Bobby Zimmerman listened to R&B, country and rock on late-night radio stations from the South. In his […] More

  • Bob Dylan Fan Facts (41 Facts)

    Bob Dylan Fan Facts (41 Facts)

    All These Facts are From the Bob Dylan Fans  –  They have been sent by different people 1- His talent for words 2- That he doesn’t conform to fans’ conceptualizations of who he is – he does what he wants, artistically, and even though it’s sometimes difficult to understand the changes, I always learn something […] More

  • 4 Facts Between Bob Dylan and Bobby Vee

    4 Facts Between Bob Dylan and Bobby Vee

    R.I.P. Bobby Vee, ’60s pop singer and longtime friend to Bob Dylan has died at 73 Here is 5 Facts About Bob Dylan and Bobby Vee   1- Bob Dylan Played in Vee’s Band Under the Name Elston Gunn Barely out of high school, Bob Dylan took the name Elston Gunn to play piano behind the […] More

  • Best 13 Bob Dylan Facts
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    13 Interesting Bob Dylan Facts

    1- When Martin Luther King Jr gave his iconic “I Have A Dream” speech, Bob Dylan had just performed and was still on stage, standing a few feet away from King. 2- While enrolled in the University of Minnesota Dylan received a D+ in a music appreciation class. 3- The first draft of Dylan’s “Like […] More