17 Facts Bob Dylan’s Debut Album (Released on March 19, 1962 )

17 - Facts Bob Dylan's Debut Album (Released on March 19, 1962 )

Facts Bob Dylan’s Debut Album

1- Bob Dylan’s Debut Album recorded November 20 and 22, 1961,  and released on March 19, 1962 

november 1961 bob dylan recording

2- Lenght of Album is  36:54 

3- Producer of Album is John H. Hammond

John H. Hammond bob dylan

4- Genre of The Album is  Folk and country blues

 Bob Dylan 20 - 22 November 1961 Recording Studio

5- The cap Dylan’s wearing on the sleeve was a regular element of his walking, talking homage to hero Woody Guthrie.

“cunductor hat”. conductor hat???…I always thought it was a Huck Finn/Woody Guthrie type hat because he was then in the throes of adolescent fever for anything Dust Bowl Woody


bob dylan debut album

6-  Album features folk standards, plus two original compositions, “Talkin’ New York” and “Song to Woody“.


7 The album cover features a reversed photo of Dylan holding his acoustic guitar. This was done to prevent the neck of the guitar from obscuring Columbia’s logo.

The cover image was shot by Columbia in-house photographer Don Hunstein

8- The album did not initially sell well either, and Dylan was for a time known as “Hammond’s Folly” in record company circles. Mitch Miller, Columbia’s chief of A&R at the time, said U.S. sales totaled about 2,500 copies. Bob Dylan remains Dylan’s only release not to chart at all in the US, although it eventually reached #13 in the UK charts in 1965 Despite the album’s poor performance, financially it was not disastrous because the album was very cheap to record.

bob dylan 1961 recording sessions

9- Bob Dylan Wrote “Song to Woody” in a Bleecker Street Bar

The handwritten lyrics for the song wound up with Bob Gleason and his wife, Sidsel, a New Jersey couple who were friends with Guthrie and often hosted his Sunday get-togethers with emerging folk singers. They include the inscription: “Written by Bob Dylan in Mills Bar on Bleecker Street in New York City on the 14th day of February, for Woody Guthrie.”

10 The recording cost of  album was  $402 



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