November 22, 2015 – Swedish television program Experiment Ensam – Bob Dylan

November 22, 2015 – BOB DYLAN’S PERFORMANCEFOR FREDRIK WIKKINGSSON at the Philadelphia’s Academy Of Music – Swedish television program Experiment Ensam.
Here are the musical selections from that afternoon performance:
“Heartbeat” – Buddy Holly
“Blueberry Hill” – Fats Domino
“It’s Too Late (She’s Gone)” – Chuck Willis
“Key to the Highway” – Segar/Broonzy

To see his biggest idol live’re often a great experience. But how to do it all alone, without anyone else in the audience? Fredrik Wikingsson know. On November 22, 2014 played Bob Dylan in Philadelphia, just for him.



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Courtesy of: The Research of Pamela K. Melenchen




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