September , 24 – 25 , 2000 Bob Dylan – Portsmouth, England – Full Concert Video

bob dylan Portsmouth 2000






<[email protected]>Portsmouth Guildhall, 2000-09-24

The smallest venue I had seen him in.  Fifteen feet from the man.
 Close enough to see the sweat drip from his nose. The lines on
the face are deeper now and the mask of indifference is more
secure.  This means we hear even louder levels of excitement
whenever the mask drops a little.  The almost imperceptible
raising of an eyebrow or sideways movement of the eyes is our
visual proof that a flame still burns.  The half-smiling grimaces
to Larry as, together, they light up the centre break of ?Like A
Rolling Stone? reassure us that he?s doing rather more than going
through the motions.  And we get a few of those Chaplinesque
duckwalks which draw more roars of approval.

The sartorial look is an elegant cross between Las Vegas and
Riverboat Gambler: black suit with sparkly lapels and white side
markings, white shirt with longish collar, white silk tie.

The music is pretty damn good too.  The sound is excellent on
acoustic and slower numbers but a bit too distorted on his voice
for the heavier stuff.

For me, the standouts were ?Visions of Johanna? and ?4th Time
Around? both delivered with real clarity and delicacy - I hadn?t
seen either of these live since the Albert Hall in 1966 - and ?If
Not For You? with impressively stretched syllables and altered

The shift of pace and sound from ?Searching For A Soldier?s
Grave? to the electric ?Country Pie? is a great piece of theatre.

My only disappointment was that ?Things Have Changed? was missing
tonight but we did have the first appearances of six songs on
this leg of The Tour (?Visions of Johanna?, ?Mama You?ve Been On
My Mind?, ?Gotta Serve Somebody?, ?If Not For You?, ?4th. Time
Around? and ?I?ll Be Your Baby Tonight?) to more than make up for

For my wife Jennifer, there were no song overlaps with the first
time she saw him in London in 1964.  She still has the concert
programme he signed when she chased his cab after the concert ?
he stopped the cab, got out and signed the programme.  I don?t
think either of them would do that today.

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  1. The first song on the clip is “Hallelujah, I’m Ready to Go.” The second is “Mr. Tambourine Man.”

    This is the setlist from another show.

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