Bob Dylan with Richards & Wood – Ballad Of Hollis Brown

bob Dylan with Richards & Wood

Over the years Ronnie Wood and Bob Dylan have played together in concert and have collaborated on each others studio works. Knowing Bob Dylan well on and off the stage has given Ronnie a unique understanding of the very complex man, and he has well articulated this in his painting of him.
“BALLAD OF HOLLIS BROWN~Live Aid~ 7/13/84~ Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, and Ron Wood

When Bob Dylan broke a guitar string, Ronnie Wood took off his own guitar and gave it to Dylan. Wood was left standing on stage guitarless. After shrugging to the audience, he played air guitar, even mimicking The Who’s Pete Townshend by swinging his arm in wide circles, until a stagehand brought him a replacement. Although this moment was left off the DVD, the performance itself was included, featuring footage focusing solely on Keith Richards.

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