Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door – Performance in Hurricane Carter’s prison (1975)


Some unusual venues over the years. Ruben Carter in the Correctional Institution for Women.

Ginsberg, indeed!

3220 Correctional Institution for Women
Trenton Jail
Clinton, New Jersey
7 December 1975

7. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

Bob Dylan (vocal, guitar), Bob Neuwirth (guitar), T-bone J. Henry Burnett (guitar), Roger McGuinn (guitar), Steven Soles (guitar), Mick Ronson (guitar), David Mansfield (steel guitar, violin, mandolin ,dobro), Rob Stoner (bass), Howie Wyeth (piano, drums), Luther Rix (drums, percussion), Ronee Blakeley (vocal).
Scarlet Rivera (violin).
Roger McGuinn (shared vocal).
Roberta Flack, Allen Ginsberg (backing vocals)

Part of 7 released in the movie RENALDO AND CLARA, 25 January 1978 (long version) and late 1978 (short version).
7 fragment broadcast by WNEW-TV, New York City, New York, 8 December 1975.
The released fragment of 7 contains McGuinn’s verse plus conclusion of song.
This was an abbreviated Rolling Thunder Revue show.
7 mono film track.

Courtesy of the EDLIS Café in Havana, Cuba.

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