Bob Dylan Loves Dogs and Cats (17 Photos)

Bob Dylan Loves Dogs and Cats (17 Photos)

Little Buddy

Broken hearted and so sad
Big blue eyes all covered with tears
Was a picture of sorrow to see

Kneeling close to the side
Of his pal and only pride
A little lad, these words he told me

He was such a lovely doggy
And to me he was such fun
But today as we played by the way

A drunken man got mad at him
Because he barked in joy
He beat him and he’s dying here today

Will you call the doctor please
And tell him if he comes right now
He’ll save my precious doggy here he lay

Then he left the fluffy head
But his little dog was dead
Just a shiver and he slowly passed away

He didn’t know his dog had died
So I told him as he cried
Come with me son we’ll get that doctor right away

But when I returned
He had his little pal upon his knee
And the teardrops, they were blinding his big blue eyes

Your too late sir my doggy’s dead
And no one can save him now
But I’ll meet my precious buddy up in the sky

By a tiny narrow grave
Where the willows sadly wave
Are the words so clear you’re sure to find

Little Buddy Rest In Peace
God Will Watch You Thru The Years
Cause I Told You In My Dreams That You Were Mine

Hank Snow

Bob Dylan loves animals, especially dogs, are close friends of Bob Dylan ‘s.

in lots of photo scene , you can see bob dylan with animasl , cats,dogs,chickens,horses ..

also bob dylan love to help the animals ,

animals are very good friends, we should do everything we can for them, had they were not alone in this world

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  1. The poem about ‘Little Buddy’ was not written by Bobby Zimmerman – this page needs to explain the history.

    It is a Hank Snow song that Bobby Zimmerman signed his name to at Camp Herzl.

    EDLIS Café, 2011:

    Miscellaneous notes from the Dylan biographies, etc. …

    The Camp Herzl Performances – on the shores of Devils Lake in Webster, WI (three weeks in August – 1953, 54, 55, 56):

    (1) Sitting around a campfire, Bobby recites a poem about a helpless dog that brings some to tears.
    (2) Some see Bobby with a harmonica crammed in his back pocket.
    (3) Often he could be found pounding the piano in the lodge building.
    (4) Bob and Larry Kegan form a double act at camp, Bob playing piano and both boys singing.
    (5) Some see Bobby sitting on the bathhouse roof with Louis Kemp, Steve Friedman, Stevie Goldberg, and Larry Kegan. They’re up there a lot, Bobby strumming on the guitar and singing. He yells and taunts the counselors until a rabbi appears with an appropriate sermon.

    ‘Hey, around the campfire, it wasn’t his fault if they all thought it was his poem bringing ’em to tears. But when he signed his name to it on paper, that’s when all the confusion began …’

    “Saying more about the state of reportage than anything else, various media outlets are announcing that Christie’s will be auctioning off a poem titled “Little Buddy” submitted to his camp newspaper in 19 and 57 by a 16-year-old Bob Zimmerman.

    “”Bob Dylan’s social consciousness and artistry were evident in a poem he penned about a little dog who met a tragic end” gushes the lead for The Washington Post. “It’s a very early example of his brilliance,” the article quotes a Christie’s “pop culture specialist,” who goes on to say, “It comes from the mind of a teenager (with) some very interesting thoughts kind of percolating in his brain.”

    “Actually, it came from the mind of a teenager whose brain was percolatin’ with the music of Hank Snow, the Yodellng Ranger, who released “Little Buddy” as a single in the late [`50s] ’40s.”


    “It’d be interesting to know how Dylan came across “Little Buddy.” Did he have the single (Possibly. See the “addendums” below)? Did he hear Snow perform it on WSM from the stage of the Grand Ole Opry? However he first heard it, it impressed him enough to memorize “Little Buddy.” Although not an original Dylan, “Little Buddy” is in his handwriting, and probably still worth something even if not as an example of the young Bob Zimmerman being “way before his time” as one of the articles has it.

    “Maybe what it does show is what Bob Zimmerman was up to that summer in 19 and 57, banging on the piano in the rec. room of Herzl Camp in Webster, Wisconsin, head filled with Hank Snow, on his way to becoming Bob Dylan.”

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