Bob Dylan, Michael Douglas and George Harrison – Golden Globe 1988

Bob Dylan George harrison Golden Globe

In 1988, Michael Douglas was taken aback when he won his first Golden Globe. What was even more surprising was when he returned to his hotel room after the ceremony, he found two iconic music figures, George Harrison and Bob Dylan, waiting to help him commemorate his victory.

In 1988, Douglas received recognition for his performance in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street when he was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama.

Douglas achieved an Oscar victory for his performance in the role, competing with William Hurt, Marcello Mastroianni, Robin Williams, and Jack Nicholson

After being honoured with a Golden Globe, Douglas commemorated the occasion by spending time with George Harrison and Bob Dylan.

After Douglas was awarded the Golden Globe, he didn’t have any plans in place. That all changed with the sudden arrival of George and Dylan. The actor discussed his bizarre night with the two musicians on The One Show, mentioning that George had shown up just prior to the awards ceremony.

Douglas explained, “I was coming out of the hotel to go to the Golden Globes, and there was George sitting there. I was like, ‘Wow.’ I said, ‘Such a big fan of yours,’ and everything else, we talked for a minute. I went off to the Golden Globes, won the Golden Globe.

“You know, by the time you go through the press and everything else, you come out, and everybody’s going home. I went back to the hotel, feeling a little pity and everything else. The phone rang, it’s like about 12 o’clock at night,‘Hello Michael, it’s George.’ ‘Yeah, hi George.’ He said, ‘Me and my mate are out here, can we come by and say hi?’ ‘Yeah, yeah, come by.’

After a knock on the door, “There’s George Harrison walks in with Bob Dylan.” The studio erupts with awe, “Bob Dylan has the biggest dog with him you’ve ever seen.” And then confusion. We’re not sure why Dylan had a giant dog with him, but the image of it is wonderful.

Looking to celebrate, Douglas orders some caviar and lays it down in the middle of the table. By this point in the evening, Dylan has still not uttered a word. “I’m talking to George,” remembers Douglas, “and this dog keeps walking across. Bob Dylan still hasn’t said anything. Next thing I know, the dog smells the caviar and starts licking it all up.” Considering the cost per weight of caviar, the dog likely became the most well-fed canine in town that night.

“I’m going ‘this is Bob Dylan’s dog eating all the caviar!’ Bob Dylan hadn’t said a word yet, the whole night. Finally, he looks over and says, “far out, the dog loves caviar’”

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