On April 5, 1998 Bob Dylan Visited Children’s Hospital

On April 5, 1998 Bob Dylan Visited Children's Hospital



On April 5, 1998 Bob Dylan went to Children’s Hospital Ricardo Gutierrez in Buenos Aires, where he visited the sick children who were patients there. Dylan was in Argentina for the joint tour with the Rolling Stones, and that night she performed at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires. Here is a picture of that day with the children hospital of the Argentine capital. and that night he performed at the River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires. Bob Dylan joint tour with the Rolling Stones

A few years later, June 26, 2004, Dylan made another surprise visit to a hospital where the children were hospitalized (see photo above). To the surprise of the medical staff and the parents of the children, Dylan went to the ‘Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children’ Belfast. Dylan was in Belfast for a concert from the Odyssey Arena, and spent the afternoon visiting three departments of the hospital.

The visit was organized by the management after Bob Dylan made it known that he would be pleased to do that private visit. A hospital spokesman said later that the visit created a pleasant stir among the patients, happy of that unexpected surprise. Dylan chatted with the children, played the harmonica for them and for their parents, and distributed many harmonics as gifts to hospitalized children. “I’m not sure if the children knew who Bob Dylan but since I was dressed in boots and hat ‘stetson’ cowboy knew it was someone famous.


His first visit to Argentina was back in 1991, when he presented Under The Red Sky, one of his least memorable albums. He performed three concerts at the Obras Stadium. Legend has it that no one saw Dylan when he got off the plane so he just got in a cab and headed to his hotel with his guitar on his shoulder.

His second visit here was in 1998, when he opened for the Rolling Stones in one of the five sold-out shows in the River Plate Stadium. In what many described as the highlight of the night, Dylan played “Like a Rolling Stone” alongside Mick Jagger.



Then, he made everyone wait until March 2008 for another show and he performed three concerts in three different locations: Córdoba, Rosario and Buenos Aires (Vélez Stadium).


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