11 July 1978, Bob Dylan Interview – Goteborg airport (Audio and Text)

july 11 1978 Bob Dylan

Sources : https://www.bjorner.com




Q. Bob Dylan, the symbol of the sixties.

Bob Dylan: To who?

Q. To the youth of the sixties.

B.D.: Who said that? I never said that.

Q. Wasn’t it you? Do you think there is a difference between you of the sixties and the Bob Dylan of today?

B.D.: I couldn’t tell you. Is there a difference between you in the sixties and today?

Q. Oh, I think so, yes. Don’t you think your music has developed, from the sixties.

B.D.: Possibly.

Q. When you are around touring, as you are now, do you think it’s another audience than the one you met in the sixties.

B.D.: No. It’s the same, basically same.

Q. Are you failing to reach the new, youth generation.

B.D.: I Don’t know.

Q. You don’t think there’s a difference between you and the songs you write?

B.D.: I don’t think so.



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