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12 Things About Eminem and Mariah Carey Love That We Are Unsure Of

 Their relationship started when Mariah Carey asked to make a duet with Eminem for “Charm bracelet” album that she was working on in 2001. The relationship that started after Eminem broke up with Kimberly Anne Scott (aka Kim) who was the mother of his daughter, “one” and only childhood love and hidden from the magazine but the relationship did not last long.

1. 2002 | Eminem – Superman

Everything started when Eminem released “The Eminem Show” album that sold approximately 30 million around the world and 10 million in the US and that got “Diamon Record” award. “Superman” song in this album was entirely for Mariah Carey. 

2. 2002 | Eminem confirmed the relationship to “Rolling Stones”.

12 Things About Eminem and Mariah Carey Love That We Are Unsure Of

Eminem who was in the covers of magazines after the successful album confirmed his relationship with  Mariah Carey in an interview with Rolling Stones but did not like Mariah Carey as a person. 

3. 2002 | Mariah Carey rejected the relationship.

Mariah Carey told the Maxim magazine she never had a sexual intimacy with Eminem and later, she told Larry King from CNN that she only hangs out with Eminem for 4 times, talked on the phone and this is not dating.

4. 2002 | Mariah Carey – Clown

Mariah Carey mentions Eminem in “Clown” song on “Charm bracelet” album that came out on December of that year and uses the words against Eminem that he should not have went beyond than liking her music.

5. 2003 | Mariah Carey carried things on stage.

Mariah Carey went on a concert  tour in 2003 after her album and called the tour “The Marionette Show” by referencing to Eminem’s tour The Eminem Show. When she was singing “Clown”, a female dancer with a yellow wig and Detroit Pistons form was dancing on the stage imitating Eminem.

6. 2005 | Eminem did not forget about Mariah Carey in his next tour.

Eminem places short skits between songs in the tour after releasing “Encore” in 2004 and released audio messages which  Mariah Carey’s fried claimed to be imitation. In these messages, Mariah’s “Why don’t you see me? Why don’t you call me?” and similar words were audible. Also, he dedicated “Puke” song to Mariah Carey in all concerts of the tour even though the song was not for Mariah Carey. This way he answered to what Mariah Carey did in her last tour.

7. 2006 | Slim Shady once ore mentions Mariah.

Eminem does not let things go and claims that he previously slept with Mariah in a song. 

8. 2006 | Marshall made a detailed statement.

When Eminem went to his “Shade 45” radio channel to promote “Eminem Presents: The Re-Up album that will include Shady Records artists which is his music company and Jimmy Crack Corn song, she talked about his relationship with Mariah. He said they had a relationship for about 6-7 months but he was disturbed by Mariah Carey denying their relationship although he believed she was talented and talked about her with slang words like “cunt” and “bitch”.

9. 2007 | Lyrics from 50 Cent to affirm Eminem

In “All of Me” song in Curtis album released by 50 Cent in 2007, 50 Cent said that Eminem’s previous guesses were right, Hollywood female artists are always liar and denied the relationship like  Mariah Carey did. Although we do not know who 50 Cent mentions, it is clear that he thought his close friend Eminem was right about Mariah Carey. 

10. 2009 | Eminem’s Return

It isn’t hard to guess that Eminem who gained reputation by teasing hundreds of celebrities will not let things go… At the end of 2006, Eminem was away from music and life due to his drug addiction. Eminem became more addicted when his best friend Proof died and he was admitted to the hospital as he was found unconscious in the bath on December 2007 due to OD. Marshall Mathers was saved by seconds. He quit drugs in rehabilitation and in 2009, he came back to the music stage. In “Bagpipes from Baghdad” which is the 5th song planned for Relapse album on May, she wished Nick Cannon who married to Mariah Carey to have “a good luck with a bitch” and made fun.

11. 2009 | Mariah Carey – Obsessed

Mariah Carey released the first single “Obsessed” from “Memoirs of An Imperfect Angel” album in 2009 approximately 1-2 months after Eminem’s Relapse album and wrote this song for Eminem. The hooded and bearded person on the music video represented Eminem himself. Although Nick Cannon rejects that the song is dedicated to Eminem, everything is sound and clear…

12. 2009 | Eminem puts an end.

Eminem should have been very angry with Obsessed song that he gave up on mocking and making a crack and decides to make a real song (diss) for Mariah Carey. This song is the only serious diss song from Eminem to Mariah Carey and completely ends this incident. Eminem explained everything in the song and rhymed in the song by using Mariah Carey’s audio records. Also, Eminem says he has the images and records and he will publish everything is she continues to deny. Mariah Carey did not answer after that…

Mariah and Nick were at odds and divorced on August 2014.

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