Best 16 Placebo Love Songs

1- Placebo – Bosco

I love you more than any man
But I seem to lay it all to waste
I do you harm because I can 
With a joke in questionable taste
I’ve such duplicity at my command 
So I keep on lying to your face
Then I run away to wonderland
And disappear without trace

2- Placebo – Exit Wounds


3- Without You I’m Nothing

I’m unclean, a libertine
And every time you vent your spleen,
I seem to lose the power of speech,
You’re slipping slowly from my reach.
You grow me like an evergreen,
You’ve never seen the lonely me at all

4- Placebo – Pierrot The Clown

5- Placebo – Centrefolds


6- Happy You’re Gone

See me, in the eyes of another’s child
Turn away, when you see me walking by
Once in a while
This melody will fade away and die
Just for today, breathe me and say goodbye

7- Placebo – The Crawl


8- Placebo – Loud Like Love 

9- Plasticine

10- Placebo – I’ll Be Yours

I’ve seen you suffer
I’ve seen you cry
For days and days
So I’ll be your liquor
Demons will drown and float away
I’ll be your father
I’ll be your mother
I’ll be your lover
I’ll be yours

11- Speak in Tongues

12- Placebo – Because I Want You


13- Placebo – Blind

If I could tear you from the ceiling
I’d freeze us both in time
And find a brand new way of seeing
Your eyes forever glued to mine.
Don’t go and leave me
And please don’t drive me blind
Don’t go and leave me
And please drive me blind
Please don’t drive me blind

14- My Sweet Prince


15- Placebo – Purify 

My kiss, can you feel it yet? In the back of your legs?
And on the nape of your neck?
Your touch, I cannot regret!
I love the shape of your mouth and the back of your head.

16- Placebp – Leni


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