Best 20 Mac Miller Lyrics Quotes and Instagram Captions

Immerse yourself in the lyrical genius of Mac Miller with ‘Best 20 Mac Miller Lyrics: Quotes and Instagram Captions,’ a compilation capturing the essence of his profound wisdom and artistic depth. Mac Miller’s verses transcend mere words, resonating with profound truths, introspection, and unfiltered emotions. Each quote handpicked from his discography reflects his poetic storytelling and raw authenticity, offering a canvas of inspiration for Instagram captions or personal reflections.

Mac Miller Captions

  • “They told me never fall in love, it never works out in your favor.”
  • “We gon’ take over the world while these haters gettin’ mad.”
  • “I ain’t no perfect man, but I’m doing what I can.”
  • “Some people say they want to live forever; that’s way too long, I’ll just get through today.”
  • “Good vibes only.”
  • “They say you waste time asleep, but I’m just trying to dream.”
  • “Living life to the fullest.”
  • “I’m in the clouds, come down when I run out of jet fuel.”

Mac Miller Lyrics and Verses

“So Far To Go”

Got my mind in the cloud see paradise living with style
My mom should be proud I’ve been dedicated now for a while
I’m in love with hip-hop, I’m in love with life
I’m in love with the days, late nights, kush, money, I’m in love with this mic
I’ve got time on my side because I’m young and I’m grindin’ so hard
Because I’m saying something every single time and I’m rhyming my bars
I’m just a child, you can see me grow
But now I know, I’ve got so far to go

mac miller lyrics 2

“Love My Name”

Baby if I don’t have money (What)
Then I don’t have a heart beat (That’s right)
I know you gone love my name
When you see it on the marquee
In the neon lights

“5 O’clock”

Somebody told me sleep was a cousin to death
And following a dollar finds nothing but stress
A marathon grind like I’m running from rest
It’s (5 o’clock in the mornin’)
Somebody told me sleep was a cousin to death
And following a dollar finds nothing but stress
But I’m going hard ’till there’s nothing left under my chest

“The High Life”

I’m so high
Find me somewhere in the sky
And I know these days just flow by
When you’re so high
Head is somewhere in the sky
And you know these days just flow by

mac miller lyrics 2

“Face In The Crowd”

I tell em I’m fine
I ain’t got a damn thing on my mind
And baby all we got is time
Let’s just watch the clouds go by

mac miller lyrics 7

“I’m Outside”

Do you mind if we smoke this blunt outside?
Cause’ it’s nice out and we could get high
Feel the sun shinin’ and I’m feelin right
We could post outside for the night

“I’ll Be There”

Sunshine or rain, I’ll be there
For the good times or bad, I’ll be there

mac miller lyrics

“Best Day Ever”

I ain’t gonna play around no more
Find the difference from the ground and the floor
If we gotta fight, I’ll be down for the war
Thumbs up, homie I’ll be sure


Somehow we gotta find a way
No matter how many miles it takes
I know it feels so good right now
But it all comes fallin’ down
When the night meet the light
Turn to day

mac miller lyric 6

“My Favorite Part”

If you wanna stay, we’re taking it slow baby
Cause you want me, and I got enough on my mind
But I can make some time for something so divine

mac miller lyrics 8


Your love is not too kind to me
The only thing on my mind is she
My love, my love, my love, my love
And I know that nothing lasts forever
Nothing lasts forever


Girl I’m the worst
Yea, I know that I’m the worst
Yea, but you’re something I can’t lose
Just let me tell you the truth, that’ll be the first
Girl I’m the worst
Yea, I know that I’m the worst
Don’t know what I gotta do, just love you so much that it hurts


I’ve been waiting so long
To get into her view by my side, to tell you I love you
I can’t do no wrong when you are an angel
With you by my side, you are my euphoria

mac miller lyrics 5

“Love Me As I Have Loved You”

Be still
Do you love me?
Let me in
Love me as I have loved you
Love me as I have loved you
Are you ready?

“Diamonds & Gold”

She wants diamonds, she wants gold
But she’s scared to let you get too close
And she’s been high and she’s been low
But now she finally on her own
And they’ve been looking
So they been finding
Cause she ain’t grinding
And she ain’t hiding
Until she finds her place back home
And then she’s finally all alone

mac miller lyrics 9

“English Lane”

Sometimes I just wanna go
Back to Blue Slide Park, the only place I call home
I hope its never gone, forever long

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