Best 36 Pink Panther Quotes

Pink Panther Quotes: The Pink Panther Show is a television series that aired between 1969 and 1978. The main character of the series, produced by David H. DePatie and Friz Freleng, is a fictional character named Pink Panther.

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Pink Panther Quotes

1- “I have been waiting to prove myself for quite some time, and now I have been provided with the opportunity. I want to show my talent to the world. I just cannot fail!”

2- “Okay. Therefore, you are a small lamb who wants to learn from Clouseau”

3- “All right! We must be tackling some sort of mastermind!”

4- “Correct, politics. Where the mask of morality is actually worn by greed.”

5- “Don’t get out of Europe!”

Best 35 Pink Panther Quotes - Cartoon Series

6- “We have fantastic weather. I simply hope that the weather continues like this. This area is completely safe.”

7- “Do you remember that I am not meant to be here?”

8- “Good thing I carry a shovel with me for these sort of emergencies.”

9- “It is not difficult to spot him. He features a thin mustache and white hair and is always full of confidence.”

10- “Don’t you find yourself lonely?”

11- “Inspector, do you live all by yourself?”

12- “Have you ever consumed a hamburger?”

13- “I intend to purchase a “damburgen”.”

14- “Why can’t humans behave more like animals?” -Pink Panther Quotes

15- “It is actually a hopeless imitation.”

16- “They say a rolling stone gathers no moss, and we wouldn’t want a beautiful stone like this to gather moss, would we?”

Best 35 Pink Panther Quotes - Cartoon Series

17- “Somebody talked with Gluant on the previous night he had been killed.”

18- “You have to work hard on your accent.”

19- “To be honest, I find your accent to be extremely funny. From where have you come?”

20- “Okay, I came to know that the dead body was actually in the locker room. After going down the hall, you take a right turn and a couple of left turns.”

21- “I’m in search of a dead body. Maybe you will be able to tell me where I can find it.”

22- “My magic pill for the man who is of middle age!”

23- “Do you like me to help you by staying behind?”

24- “You know that it is usually done by two different police officers.” -Pink Panther Quotes

25- “What is the exact opinion that you have regarding yourself?”

26- “I think she happens to be the most beautiful lady on the planet.”

27- “Okay, you are the trainer whose name is Yuri, right?”

Best 35 Pink Panther Quotes - Cartoon Series

28- “Any woman is similar to an artichoke where one has to really work hard for winning her heart.”

29- “I can say that I was nominated for the “Honor Medal”. In fact, they had nominated me as many as 7 times. Although I never succeeded in winning, 7 times means a lot.”

30- “Once I heard the name Clouseau it appeared to me that he is just another cop in a tiny village away from Paris. I think he was actually the idiot of the village.”

31- “Inspector, do you have any idea whether the killer was a male or a female?” -Pink Panther Quotes

32- “Your bawls. The large and brass bawls of yours.”

33- “How could we be so stupid? That’s ‘blast him’ spelled backwards.”

34- “Surprises are seldom unexpected when it comes to me.”

35- “I am going to attack you without giving any prior warning. This way, I will be able to keep you alert as well as vigilant.”

36- “It is lovely weather we are having. I hope the weather continues.”

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