Best 22 Joan Baez Love Songs

Best 22 Joan Baez Songs About Love

22- Joan Baez  – Please Come to Boston

21- Joan Baez – I Once Loved A Boy

I once loved a boy, and the bold brown-haired boy I would come and would go at his request; and this bold bonny boy was my pride and my joy and I built him a bower in my breast.

20- Once I Had a Sweetheart

19- The River In The Pines – Joan Baez

They plant wild flowers upon it
In the morning fair and fine.
‘Tis the grave of two young lovers
From the river in the pines

18- JOAN BAEZ -Sleeper

Don’t tell me of love everlasting and other sad dreams
I don’t want to hear
Just tell me of passionate strangers who rescue each other
From a lifetime of cares
Because if love means forever, expecting nothing returned
Then I hope I’ll be given another whole lifetime to learn

17- Joan Baez – Strange Rivers


16- JOAN BAEZ ~ Pauvre Ruteboeuf

15- Geordie–Joan Baez

14- JOAN BAEZ ~ Bangladesh

13- Joan Baez – Stewball

12- JOAN BAEZ ~ Imagine

11- The Water is Wide



10- Joan Baez – Railroad Boy




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