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Bob Dylan - polka dots

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,Photographs by Daniel Kramer

In the 40’s and 50’s, polka dot button-down shirts were popular for men. They usually were black and white. The bold styles of the 70’s brought bright colored polka dots into fashion as well. Men could be seen wearing polka dots at various events and functions. Today, it is not as common to see men adorned in polka dots unless you are a musician or performing on stage. Elton John is one popular musician often seen wearing big, bold polka dots. For many decades, Bob Dylan has been known for his numerous black and white polka dot shirts. Polka dots are not just for rock stars, they can be a fun alternative in a basic wardrobe.


1- polka dots bob Dylan

A country dance was being held in a garden
I felt a bump and heard an, “Oh, beg your pardon”
Suddenly I saw polka dots and moonbeams
All around a pug-nosed dream


2-polka dots bob Dylan

The music started and was I the perplexed one
I held my breath and said, “May I have the next one?”
In my frightened arms, polka dots and moonbeams
Sparkled on a pug-nosed dream


3-polka dots bob Dylan

There were questions in the eyes of other dancers
As we floated over the floor
There were questions but my heart knew all the answers
And perhaps a few things more


5-polka dots bob Dylan

Now in a cottage built of lilacs and laughter
I know the meaning of the words, “Ever after”
And I’ll always see polka dots and moonbeams
When I kiss the pug-nosed dream

6-polka dots bob Dylan

”The polka dot shirt worn with striped trousers is bold, iconic and legend. This spring it´s all about patterns and breaking the rules. Forget matching; the braver the cooler. The suede jacket with pinstriped pants is a complete unthreatened look.”


6- 07 08 2016 Forrest Hills

07 08 2016 Forrest Hills 2

7-07 08 2016 Forrest Hills

07 08 2016 Forrest Hills


7-polka dots bob Dylan


8-polka dots bob Dylan


9-polka dots bob Dylan


10-polka dots bob Dylan


11-polka dots bob Dylan


12-polka dots bob Dylan



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