Bob Dylan’s Nobel Made Kagizman Blissful

Bob Dylan’s Nobel made Kağızman blissful

American musician Bob Dylan defined that his grandmother was from Kağızman(Kagizman) county of Kars (Turkey) and this book was deserved to Nobel Literature Prize. This issue was acclaimed in Kağızman.

Kağızman Union and Unity Socity President Nurullah Karaca, remembered that American musician Dylan was deserved to Nobel Literature Prize for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition” by Sweden Royal Academy, in his interview with AA journalist. Karaca defined that Dylan introduced his grandmother Kağızman-born in his book and they are pretty happy with Dylan’s Nobel success because they accept him as honorary countryman .

Karaca expresses that they want to see Dylan in Kağızan and said “as non governmental organization and Kağızman public, we kindly invite him to Kağızman and want to see him in Kağızman”
Also Cegiz Güzel is one tradesman in Kağızman and uttered that they are quite happy to see his this succes and they will invite him to Kağızman

kağızman bob dylan

image: Kagizman – Kars – (Local People)

Güzel, “We are proud of his this success as Kağızman community and we will invite him to The ancestral land. We will write an invitation letter and try to bring him here. Also we think that he wants to come and visit ancestral land. Now, the most popular Kağızmanian”
Sweden Royal Acadamy,declared that they  awarded the prize to 75 year-old Dylan, whose real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”. Dylan was rewarded with 8 million Swedish Kronor valued medallion and a diploma in award ceremony which was performed in Alfred Nobel’s death anniversary 10th December.


“We’re proud of you Bob”

Dylan, who was born in 24 May 1941, a son of a middle class Jewish Family who settled in Duluth county of Minnesota and he became one of the most seller singer of all the time reached over 100 million sales figures.

Translated from Turkish by Uğur ORAL

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