Deep Purple Quiz – 17 Questions

Do you want to test your Deep Purple Knowledge? answer questions and learn your score. Deep Purple Trivia Quiz 

Deep Purple Quiz – 17 Questions

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in “Deep Purple” album ,which UK artist wrote and recorded “Lalena” ?

Which track in the album of “Perfect Strangers” has this lyrics given below? “It’s not against the law The point of no return And now you know the score”

“Abandon” album was Deep Purple’s sixteenth studio album. Which track on the album was a reworking of one of their 1970s songs?

with “Fireball” their fifth studio album Deep Purple hit the top in UK , Which track was the regular part of their live shows, generally used to showcase an Ian Paice drum solo?

in the album “In Rock” Which song is the longest track over ten minutes also it is a anti-war song ?

“How many words we waste to justify the crime” is from which song?

“I threw a rock in the lake and it sank to the bottom” is the first line to which song?

“Don’t let go of that_____bottle” which word is missing?

“I knew where to stick it where no-one could nick it” is from which song?

Which of these lyrics is in the song 'Junkyard Blues'?


1969 saw the release of their third album called what which contained strings and woodwind on one track?

which one was the first guitarist to replace Blackmore’s Place

The band’s second album, The Book of Taliesyn, was released in the United States to coincide with this tour, although it would not be released in their home country until the what?

The band has gone through many line-up changes, as well as an eight years split and how many reunions?

Deep Purple has sold how many million albums worldwide?

Their second and most commercially successful line-up featured: Ian Gillan, Ritchie Blackmore, Jon Lord, Roger Glover and?

Deep Purple are an English hard rock band formed in London in?


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