Did Bob Dylan Write A Protest Song About Robert Moses?

A recently discovered 1960s typed protest lyric sheet in the Tuli Kupferberg archive. What do you make of this?



That was the soundtrack of the household, generally? Was it television? Radio? Music?

We often had a record player playing. Jane and my father [architect Robert Jacobs] enjoyed protest songs. Lively, vigorous, angry songs. We grew up with those. In the exhibit, we’ll have a soundscape that includes recordings of selections from all the old records.

Any Bob Dylan?

Actually, Jane and Bob Dylan wrote a song together. Jane needed a protest song for the fight against the Lower Manhattan Expressway in New York. A friend of ours, Harry Jackson, an artist, had a folk singer sleeping on his floor. He sent Dylan around to the house. Jane helped him, telling him how a protest song was structured and how it worked. I think it was the first protest song he ever wrote.

What was the song? Who recorded it?

Nobody recorded it. The song was Listen, Robert Moses. A copy of the lyrics has surfaced on the Internet recently. It’s not the world’s greatest song. But it’s an interesting piece.

Read more at : https://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/toronto/jim-jacobs-on-the-exhibit-about-his-mom-the-activist-author-jane-jacobs/article29808325/


  • Jane Jacobs’ son confirms that she worked with Bob Dylan on the lyrics for a protest song aboutRobert Moses. [Gothamist]


resource : https://expectingrain.com/discussions/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=84184&sid=5f2c944163ae189f0adcd709d4bd29c0


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