38 Gift ideas for the Bob Dylan fans

Sources : Edlis.Org


This little music box plays Blowing In The Wind and has a ‘Mouse Bob’ at a grand piano on the box. 


You can also buy the mechanisms to create your own music box! 


Bob Dylan toast… does anyone have a link to where to buy this toast making kit?

Bob Dylan– Haunted face on a Teabag!!!!!! $200.00

“This is too weird!!! We were having a birthday party on February 12th 2014. Someone noticed this tea bag with Bob Dylan’s face on the left side! It really stood out! There were 8 people at this party and they all saw it and took photos. I have it preserved in a special food storage bag that preserves veggies and fruits. Also, it’s on the original cake plate. It will be shipped in a Styrofoam food container in the freshness bag for added protection. Is it haunted or just plain freaky?” — Merinetr

Caricature hand puppet of Bob Dylan makes a great hands-on learning tool. 


Sara & Bob dolls


Bob Dylan’s Desire / LeNoobius 

Dolling like Lightnin’ 

LeNoobius, EuroSeth and The Urchin Mary Serra Wazzy are all one doll maker! 

“My art dolls are mainly sculpted from polymer clay on a pose able wire skeleton, with entirely hand sewn clothing; The level of detail is always high…”


Bob Dylan collection on ‘Woolly Rockers’




Bob Dylan plush toy! 


If you ever felt like you were missing something in your Bob Dylan collection, fret no more. Your own personal songwriter/poet is ready to become your traveling buddy and comrade. 

He is a felt finger puppet that will fit your fingers, thumb, toes…but would do well on a pipe cleaner, pencil, chopstick and whatever you can imagine.




Kay Petal’s Needle Felted Celebrity Wool Sculptures

From Bob Stacy’s previous post in the Café.

“Offered for sale, these limited edition doll sculptures replicate this event with Bob’s houndstooth suit, the Nick Lucas Special and Telecaster guitars … and of course, with harmonica holder.”




Papier-mâché Bob Dylan in the Barcelona shop Figuras de papel mache c/de l’Àngel núm. 3 08012 Barcelona, España. 


String puppet, Toulouse.

Puppet on a String…


Marionette / Roderick Smith 

This is a wooden marionette I created of Bob Dylan standing 24″ tall with ten strings allowing for him to dance and strum while singing and blowing his harp. 


My little Bob Dylan – customised ‘My Little Pony’: 


“Both fans and detractors alike would probably agree that Bob Dylan is a thoughtful man, a man of many thinkings; the irony in portraying him as a Pony is plain to see. But, y’know, Ponies are all about peace love & friendship too, with all that communal living & conflict resolution stuff going on…and Dylan was a very pretty boy, like all good ponies.

“Dylan’s sartorial style seems to be largely carried in his hair, face and force of personality; his music and lyrics precede him (only just) but there’s a certain intensity, a charisma I needed to capture for this pony to be convincing; it’s that rock ‘n roll attitude, man. Naturally, the musical instrument accessories help too.”

Bob Dylan desk top crystal look paperweight or display piece.



Rubik’s Cube

Tom Haney key operated bob Dylan automaton.

“A man in Kansas City was interested in “Woody Guthrie”, but asked if I would make him a version with Bob Dylan. He told me, “I like Woody, but I like Bob even more, could you make me a Bob?” Normally, when I make my pieces, I stay away from modern themes and figures, but when someone request a special subject, I usually bend the rules. This piece surprised me; I really like the way he turned out and I especially like the marquee.”



Tom Haney key operated Bob Dylan wheel. 

My friend Aaron, who is a huge Dylan fan, saw “Predictions” and was interested in buying it, until my wife, Paula, suggested I make a version with Bob spinning the wheel. We all agreed it was a great idea. When it was completed I think it came out better than “Predictions”. I made the wheel bigger so I could fit 20 of Aaron’s favorite songs on it.”

Link includes video of wheel in action: 



Time I Need A-Changin’ White Babygrow 0-6 months

Made by Nippaz With Attitude: 



Bowl made from a vintage vinyl album (Desire, 1975)


From the creator: 

Bob Dylan Vinyl Record Bowl

Fun Conversational Piece

Record Bowl is made from the Vintage Vinyl LP
Bob Dylan
Columbia AL-33893

“Desire” is singer-songwriter Bob Dylan’s 17th studio album, released by Columbia Records in 1975. “Desire” reached #1 on the US Billboard Pop Albums chart for five weeks, becoming one of Dylan’s top-selling studio albums (currently certified double platinum), while reaching #3 in the UK. It claimed the number one slot on NME Album of the Year. Rolling Stone named Desire #174 on its list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

Pictured is the exact item you will receive.

All bowls are individually formed, which give each bowl a unique look.

Bowls measures about 8” in diameter
Labels have been glossed for protection.

May be used for chips, crackers, candy, fruit, or other “dry” food items,
or for holding miscellaneous items on your desk, remotes, keys, cell phones, mail, or as a decorative centerpiece for your desk or table. 

They can even be used as wall art by hanging from a nail which the center hole can go through.

Or use as a gift basket filled with small gift items!

Bowls can be wiped out with a damp cloth or quickly washed out,
but not submerged in water.

There are two coats of protective gloss on both sides of the label.
The gloss is water based, not a harsh chemical varnish.

Also, these bowls are not dishwasher or microwave safe.

Record Bowls are made from scratched / damaged records.

After the melting process the scratches can hardly be seen.

Records are cleaned with an all natural essentials oils product which also works as a disinfectant without the use of chemicals.

A unique, fun, recycled, upcycled item for your pleasure!

Titles on the label include:

One More Cup of Coffee
Oh, Sister
Romance in Durango
Black Diamond Bay

I have thousands of records awaiting to be upcycled, so if there is a special record or artist you might like contact me. I might have it!




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