Interview with Scarlet Rivera About Bob Dylan – In Five Parts

Scarlet Rivera may well be the most famous post-Band musician to play behind Bob Dylan. Two reasons: a violin that stands out more than, say, even the most stylistic bass or drum set, and one hell of a story. In February 1976, People magazine previewed Dylan’s latest record, Desire, with the following hyperbolic headline: “Bob Dylan Spotted Scarlet Rivera on the Street, The Rest Is Rock History.” Certainly, few backing musicians have ever made so strong or immediate an impression.


Here is a five part interview with Scarlet Rivera from YouTube:

Part one:

Bob Dylan – Scarlet Rivera Part 1

Part two:

Bob Dylan – Scarlet Rivera Part 2

Part three:

Bob Dylan – Scarlet Rivera Part 3

Part four:

Bob Dylan – Scarlet Rivera Part 4

Part five:

Bob Dylan – Scarlet Rivera Part 5


Photographs: Scarlet Rivera and Bob Dylan, War Memorial Auditorium Plymouth, Massachusetts, 31 October 1975



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