Jimi Hendrix’s childhood relationship with hydroplanes amid Seafair

Jimi Hendrix's childhood relationship with hydroplanes amid Seafair

You may know Jimi Hendrix experienced childhood in Seattle.

Be that as it may, with the Seafair weekend upon us, did you know Jimi adored hydroplanes?

His sister, Jainie Hendrix, says he experienced passionate feelings for hydros in the 1950s when the family first started outdoors on the shores of Lake Washington and watching the races amid Seafair.


“It’s definitely part of our history and legacy in Seattle,” said Jainie Hendrix. “This has always been an exciting time. Seafair is a wonderful time for our city.”


As a young fellow, Jimi was so brought with the hydro races that he drew a few pictures of them.


Those photos are currently a portion of his legacy at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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