Bob Dylan: Mr. Tambourine Man As you’ve never heard it (Towson (Baltimore), MD. 2000 AD. )

Bob Dylan: Mr. Tambourine Man As you've never heard it (Towson (Baltimore), MD. 2000 AD. )


Bob Dylan- Mr. Tambourine Man- As you’ve never heard it -Towson State University, Towson Center Arena  2000



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So finally I've had enough sleep for the first time in days
(must've been those strange cookies I ate in some casino hotel
room the night before) and my friend Train and his friend Jody
pile into my car for another trip down I-95 South to the college
town of Towson, a tiny bit west of Baltimore, where I'm going for
my all-time record of four shows in three days.  Train and I had
made almost the exact same trip just a little over a year ago and
after a bit of confusion finally find the arena and there are the
busses and the semis all lined up and it being a college, once
again are the separate lines for men and women to get in.  I have
to meet the Mystery Man from Maryland who has my ticket and we're
supposed to meet at Will Call except they're kicking everyone out
of Will Call and there's two lines on either side of the building
to get in, and we didn't know that when we made the arrangements.
 But it was loose and I just kind of wandered up and down the
lines looking for the Mystery Man and finally there he is by Will
Call and everything's cool.  And we're ignoring the men/women
division thing and everyone else is too, and Train wants to stand
in line with Jody since she's his fiancŽ but just as we get near
the door the split up the sexes for the search and the security
guy says to me, "I gotta make sure you ain't bringin ' in no
recording devices," and it's a college gym and we get up pretty
close to the stage, and there's all kinds of people, college
kids, ancient hippies, all talking Dylan, and jostling for
position and there's lots of time because they let everyone in
around 7:30 and the show doesn't start till 8:30, and finally the
roadies in their jumpsuits come out and do the final guitar check
and then they're on stage and then the announcement, and then "Oh
Babe It Ain't No Lie," and it kind of makes sense because the
Seeger family was living somewhere around these parts when Mike
Seeger was floored when Elizabeth Cotton picked up one of his
guitars turns it upside down and starts playing it.

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