October 12 , 1989 – Bob Dylan – New York, NY – Full Concert Video

October 12 , 1989 - Bob Dylan – New York, NY - Full Concert Video




Disc 1 [48:42.036]

01. [3:56.053] Seeing The Real You At Last -> (missing intro)
02. [4:39.906] What Good Am I?
03. [4:33.706] Dead Man, Dead Man
04. [4:21.000] I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
05. [4:17.386] Man Of Peace
06. [4:34.320] You’re A Big Girl Now
07. [5:51.800] Boots Of Spanish Leather
08. [5:56.173] Lakes Of Pontchartrain (trad.)
09. [4:10.906] Gates Of Eden
10. [6:20.786] Mr. Tambourine Man

Disc 2 [32:32.358]

01. [7:43.333] Queen Jane Approximately
02. [3:49.040] Everything Is Broken
03. [3:58.280] Masters Of War
04. [7:35.306] Like A Rolling Stone
05. [4:49.093] Most Of The Time
06. [4:37.266] Maggie’s Farm

Global Time [81:14.394]

Concert # 146 of The Never-Ending Tour. Third concert of the 1989 USA Fall Tour.
Concert # 68 with the second Never-Ending Tour Band: Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), G. E. Smith (guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), Christopher Parker (drums).
d1t7-10 Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), G.E. Smith (guitar).
d1t4, d1t6-8, d1t10, d2t1,4 Bob Dylan harmonica.
9 new songs (56%) compared to previous concert.
8 new songs for this tour.
Stereo audience recording, 82 minutes.

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  1. I saw him that year twice. The first show was at The Beacon and it was great. His voice was melodic and fairly fluid. The second show was at Radio City Music Hall a few weeks later. Unfortunately it was an off night and his voice was scratchy and hoarse. I’ve seen Bob many times and his concerts, to quote Forrest Gump, are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. Either way, no one is in Bob’s lane. He’s got it all to himself.

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