24 Fantastic Lana Del Rey Facts

24 Fantastic Lana Del Rey Facts

1- She loves her English soccer and is a supporter of the English Premier League team Liverpool and Scottish Premier League side Celtic.

2- She was born on June 21, 1985

3- Born in New York City and raised in upstate New York

4- Lana Del Rey has been singing songs since she was 11

5- Her full name is  Elizabeth Woolridge Grant

6- She has two apartments, one in New York and the other in L.A.

7- In 2013, she won the ECHO Awards in two categories: Best International Female Artist Rock/Pop and Best International Newcomer

8- Lana Del Rey loves reality television. She told VH1 that the hits shows Mob Wives and The Real Housewives of New Jersey are her favorites.

9- “Video Games” won the prize for best contemporary song at the 57th Ivor Novello Awards

10- “Video Games had over 20 million YouTube views in its first 5 months.

11- She has the letter “M” tattooed on her hand as a tribute to her late grandmother Madeline

12- Del Rey is 5′ 7″ (1.69 m) tall.

13- She is close friends with actress Jaime King

14- Even though Lana has lyrics such as “Me and God, we don’t get along so now I sing” ‘God’s dead, I said, “Baby that’s alright with me.’ ”, she is actually religious and identifies as Catholic.

15- Two of her biggest musical influences are the wildly disparate Kurt Cobain and Britney Spears

16- She began singing in her church choir when she was a child, where she was the cantor.

17- She has performed under the names Sparkle Jump Rope Queen, May Jailer, Lizzy Grant, and Lana Rey Del Mar before becoming “Lana Del Rey”

18- Her parents sent her to a boarding school at 15 years old to fix her drinking problem. She currently has been sober for over 11 years.

19- Her song “Young and Beautiful” became the theme song for The Great Gatsby in 2013

20- She grew up in rural Lake Placid in New York, where she attended a Catholic elementary school.

21- Her song “Born To Die” was the first pop video to ever be filmed at the Fontainebleau in France.

22- Her father, Rob Grant, bankrolled her first independent studio album. The album was called Sirens and she recorded it under the name “May Jailer”.

23- Before becoming a singer, Del Rey wanted to be a poet.

24- Del Rey studied metaphysics in college but dropped out because, among other things, she wasn’t good at math.

25- She is of Scottish descent.



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