31 March – On This Day Bob Dylan History

31 March - On This Day Bob Dylan History


Taylor Arena, Mayo Civic Center Rochester, Minnesota March 31, 2000

Taylor Arena, Mayo Civic Center

Review by Todd Rychener

First, I will give a cowboy nod to Asleep at the Wheel who played a great set of 
boogie-woogie (for one couple anyway), rock you back on your two-tone bootheels, 
hoot and holler country-swing.  I especially will remember their "Red River 
Valley".  They do go a job setting up Bob and his Band, especially since Bob and 
his Band played, not one but two, Nashville Skyline songs for us.  
    Bob's first song, "Roving Gambler", was perfect and new for me, with great 
delays in front of the three accoustic guitars in the chorus -everyone was 
already standing up, smiling and on their heels. During the next song, "My Back 
Pages", Dylan stepped back to grab his harmonica -his only harp solo of the 
night -and everyone cheered at the sight of it.  I loved the "thank-Yoooouuu"s he 
shot out after the first few songs.

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31 March 2001 Kingsford Smith Park, Ballina, Australia

31 March 2001 Kingsford Smith Park, Ballina, Australia

Duncan and Brady



Review by Peter Lawrence

This was my third Bob concert for the week. Starting off in Sydney last
Sunday-onto Brisbane Friday night and ending tonight in Ballina. All three
show were fantastic-really. To see Bob back alive after his previous two
Australian tours in Sydney was awesome. The sound in Brisbane on Friday
night was just exceptional-all the lyrics clear. If only the inane
security guys hadn't been so successful in keeping everyone seated!

But Bob Dylan-playing in the Byron Bay area. Now that is something only
dreams are made of. The venue was perfect-a football ground where everyone
stood up and crowded as close to the stage as possible. An overcast night
threatening to rain but holding off-and Bob Dylan-not just a legend in
Byron but a soul mate-literally.

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31 March 2004 Bob Dylan was at  Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, USA

31 March 2004 Bob Dylan was at Trocadero Theatre, Philadelphia, PA, USA


31. MARCH 2009
Hannover / Germany – AWD Hall

Review by Reinald Purman

Chimes of Freedom” was very well done,  partly triumphant and hypnotic, expressing hope for a change. “Levee gonna Break” is not one of my fovourites, but  in this night it was very well done, with a lot of energy from the band and his really good singing. For this song it was the “day only the Lord can make”.  Another highlight was “Shooting Star”, delivered from center-stage.

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Bob Dylan –Olympic Stadium–Seoul, South Korea 3/31/10

Bob Dylan –Olympic Stadium–Seoul, South Korea 3/31/10

Arrived at the station in Seoul a bit late, 6:38 instead of 6:30. I’m rather lucky that MJ reserved that return ticket for me. I didn’t have too much waiting time for the show to start when I finally arrived. It was one transfer to the green line, and then another to Jamsil, and then the last one to the Olympic Stadium line. I read on the subway rides. The first few were quite crowded. It was about 7:30 when I arrived. I got my ticket for the show. Ate the kimbap that I brought with me, and then I went inside. Wisely, I’d gotten an aisle seat for the show, which began not too longer after I took my seat. I’d had one beer first, and then… time for Bob. I’d always talked about how close I felt at other shows there, but for this one I felt rather distant. First, there was no big screen, and secondly, my seat was a little further back compared to other shows I saw there.

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