90 Significant Mac Miller Quotes

Hello Mac Miller fans here we listed best Mac Miller Quotes. Malcolm James McCormick, stage name Mac Miller, was born on January 19, 1992. Artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mac Miller Quotes

‘“You’re a princess to the public, but a freak when it’s time.”’

‘“If it ain’t about a dream, then it ain’t about me.”’

‘“A penny for your thoughts, a dollar for your dreams.”’

‘“There’s a lot of beauty in the world, so go hang out, and go be a part of the solution rather than the problem.”’

‘“Some people need to just stop thinking about everything they do, and just do it.”’,

‘“Don’t count the number of friends you have, but the number of friends you can count on.”’

‘“The life you live is more important than the words you speak.”’

‘ “We fear rejection, want attention, crave affection, and dream of perfection.”’,
‘“I thank God for blessing me with life every day.”’

‘“You could have the world in the palm of your hand, but it don’t mean a thing ’til you change it.”’,

‘“People love you when they on your mind. A thought is love’s currency.”’

‘“When being unable to differentiate a good from a bad decision—it has become time to follow your heart.”’

‘“I just like to sing for people who have lost love.”’

‘“Enjoy the best things in your life, ’cause you ain’t gonna live it twice. They say you waste time asleep, but I’m just trying to dream.”’

‘“I like seeing good people win.”’

‘“You know how much you love it when you get it in abundance.”’

‘“I’m just tryna make better music—get this money, share the profits.”’

‘“It’s hard to dream when you’re deep inside of one.”’

‘“No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile.”’

‘“The difference between love and war—inform me.”’

Mac Miller Quotes

‘“Blessed with some success, so I’mma try my best to live my life right. When I see God, he’ll be impressed.”’

‘“If life a joke, then I’m waiting for the punch. You all about the beef, but me, I’m ‘bout the bun.”’

‘“People change and things go wrong, but just remember—life goes on.”’

‘“Never make yourself feel like nothing, to make someone else feel like everything.”’

‘“Treat it like your last night. Even if you broke, spend tonight like your cash right.”’

‘“Sometimes, it’s hard to pick right from wrong. The best thing we can do is go with our heart, and hope it all goes well.”’

‘“Your life’s short, don’t ever question the length. It’s cool to cry, don’t ever question your strength.”’

‘“To me, women have always been the sturdiest people in my life, and have been incredible sources of energy.”’

‘“They’re gonna try to tell you no, shatter all your dreams, but you gotta get up, and go, and think of better things.”’

‘“I’ve been laughed at, hated on, no one would even play my songs. Wouldn’t even listen to anything that my name was on.”’

‘“Style comes with excellence, and money makes benevolence.”’

‘“I just have always felt as long as I’m 100 percent honest, then it’s just me. It’s a lot easier to sleep at night that way.”’

‘“Stand by those who stand by you.”’

‘“If you didn’t make mistakes, you wouldn’t get far.”’

‘Life is just a recital, better remember all that you practice.”’

‘“Life goes on, days get brighter.”’

‘“I’mma do my thing until the day the reaper come for me. You can keep on grillin’, I’mma smile back.”’

‘“In the quest to be a man, you start to learn you need your family. If it wasn’t for them, I’d be way closer to insanity.”’

‘“Planting the seeds, working and watching it grow.”’

Mac Miller Quotes

‘“The number one reason why people give up so fast is because they tend to look at how far they still have to go, instead of how far they’ve gotten.”’

‘“Everything will be good by the weekend.”’

‘“The day that I die on will turn me into an icon.”’

‘“Music is what I love. Take that away from me and I really got nothing.”’

‘“If you model yourself after Lawrence Fishburne, you can never go wrong.”’

‘“Time goes by living without you, hope you know, I’ve been thinking about you.”’

‘ “Never scared of death, but I ain’t ready for that day to come.”’

‘“If I had a Salvador Dali painting, I would cuddle it to sleep.”’

‘“I don’t feel like taking pictures with anyone, or doing anything. I just like chillin’.”’

‘“I be goofy, kinda funny, acting stupid but they love me.”’

‘“They told me never fall in love, it never works out in your favor. You’re way too young, and right now that’s just human nature.”’

‘If I stay in one mindset or place for too long, I get crazy.”’

‘“Driving with my eyes close, missing all the signs.”’

‘ “People worship these idols, ’til they come in contact with gods.”’

‘“You got the world right in your hands.”’

‘ “I could fly home with my eyes closed.”’

‘“It seems I’m getting fresher everytime I turn around.”’

‘ “Looking at my life is like you watching movies.”’

‘“I thought you was an angel, now you yellin’ to the Lord.”’

‘ “Lord is important, but I am stronger. I’m a monster with the heart of a lion, divide and conquer. Walk on water, it won’t be long till I flyin’, that’s my departure.”’

Mac Miller Quotes

‘“I got problems, can’t sleep at night, ‘cause your girl wanna come around and freak all night.”’

‘“Some devil with a pitchfork keep talkin’ like he know me. I stood before an angel as he told me ‘bout the glory.”’

‘“I ain’t no hipster, but girl, I can make your hips stir.”’

‘“I think I’m JFK’s final speech. They try assassinating all of my beliefs.”’

‘“The journey that I’m facin’ plus the paper that I’m chasin.”’

‘”Life goes on, days get brighter.”‘

‘”We fear rejection, want attention, crave affection, and dream of perfection.”’

‘”Singing, to me, just feels really vulnerable.”‘

‘I ain’t gonna play around no more, Find the difference from the ground and the floor’

‘Sunshine or rain, I’ll be there, For the good times or bad, I’ll be there’

‘I tell em I’m fine, I ain’t got a damn thing on my mind, And baby all we got is time’

‘I’m so high, Find me somewhere in the sky, And I know these days just flow by, When you’re so high’,

‘Girl I’m the worst, Yea, I know that I’m the worst, Yea, but you’re something I can’t lose, Just let me tell you the truth, that’ll be the first’

‘Somebody told me sleep was a cousin to death, And following a dollar finds nothing but stress, A marathon grind like I’m running from rest’

‘Got my mind in the cloud see paradise living with style, My mom should be proud I’ve been dedicated now for a while ,I’m in love with hip-hop, I’m in love with life’

‘”I think I’m JFK’s final speech. They try assassinating all of my beliefs.”‘

‘”Superman. It’s just the balance of the world. I just write to feel better.”‘

‘”Fear, to me, is a guiding thing more than anything.”‘

‘”Enjoy the best things in your life cuz you ain’t gonna get to live it twice.”‘

‘”It’s hard to dream when you’re deep inside of one.”‘

‘”The life you live is more important than the words you speak.”‘

‘”If you didn’t make mistakes, you wouldn’t get far.”‘

‘“No matter where life takes me, find me with a smile / Pursuit to be happy, only laughing like a child / I never thought life would be this sweet / It got me cheesin’ from cheek to cheek.”-‘

‘“Can you please help me find my friend / I’ll give you anything you need / Multiplied by ten / I heard he moved to a place where the time don’t end / You don’t need money / All you got is time to spend / Life is short, don’t ever question the lengths.”’

‘“I’m comin’, knockin’ on your door / Well, I’ma, I’ma maintain, I’m stayin’ so high / Put the ladder all the way up ’til we touching the sky / And you know you’re dead wrong, you’re in love with a lie / All I, all I, all I wanna do is free your mind / We don’t see no lines, we don’t color inside.”’

‘“Take my time to finish, mind my business / A life ain’t a life ’til you live it / I was digging me a hole big enough to bury my soul / Weight of the world, I gotta carry my own / My own, with these songs I can carry you home / I’m right here when you’re scared and alone.” ‘

‘”People change and things go wrong, but just remember, life goes on.”‘

‘Life is just a recital, better remember all that you practice.’

‘”Some devil with a pitchfork keep talkin’ like he know me.”‘

‘”What do you do when you think you could be an icon?/Cause all these people get to screaming with the lights on/Like they just seen a ghost, earn my stripes, zebra coat/Racing to the gate but my flight gone/And now these writers taking shots without a Nikon”‘

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