Best 10 Bananarama Love Songs

Best 10 Bananarama Love Songs

Top Bananarama Love Songs Voted by Fans


1- Once in a lifetime

That the love you’re looking for 
Won’t come too easily 
Or maybe you’re too blind to see

2 -Dance With a Stranger

3- Bananarama – I Could Be Persuaded

When we touch
Doubts fade away
But I just don’t know
If I should stay

4- Bananarama – Come Back

5- Bananarama – Waterfall

It’s like a waterfall coming down
Your love it just shiners through me like the sun

6- Bananarama – Ain’t No Cure

7- Bananarama I Can’t Let You Go

8- Bananarama – Every Shade Of Blue

Every shade of blue I see (I see)
When you’re away from me
Thinking about you, oh-whoa
Thinking about you

9- Love,Truth and Honesty

10- Bananarama – Heartless


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