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The Strokes

The Strokes are known for their raw, garage-rock sound and poignant, sometimes cryptic lyrics. Their discography includes a number of tracks that could be considered love songs, whether they approach love from a romantic, unrequited, or broken-hearted perspective. Here are 15 songs by The Strokes that fit the “love song” category, along with brief explanations:

The Strokes Love and Wedding Songs

1- “Under Cover of Darkness” – The first single from their album “Angles” (2011), this song touches on the theme of unrequited love and the confusion it can cause.

2- “Hard to Explain” – This track from their debut album “Is This It” (2001) delves into the difficulty of explaining deep feelings for someone, suggesting the complexities of love.

3- “Someday” – Another track from “Is This It,” this song exudes a nostalgic love, with lyrics about longing for someone in the past.

4- “Last Nite” – While more of an upbeat, rock track, “Last Nite” talks about the confusion and denial that can come with the end of a relationship.

5- “12:51” – From the album “Room on Fire” (2003), this song gives a sense of a passionate, almost desperate, yearning for someone.

6- “Automatic Stop” – Also from “Room on Fire,” this song talks about the end of a relationship and the emotions that come with it.

7- “Call It Fate, Call It Karma” – From the album “Comedown Machine” (2013), this track is more subdued and dreamy, expressing a lingering affection and longing.

8- “You Only Live Once” – This track from “First Impressions of Earth” (2006) hints at the idea of seizing the moment in love because “you only live once.”

9- “I’ll Try Anything Once” – A demo of “You Only Live Once,” this version is much softer and tender, showing the gentler side of love and affection.

10- “Meet Me in the Bathroom” – This track from “Room on Fire” tells a story of a complicated relationship filled with passion and heartbreak.

11- “Ask Me Anything” – From “First Impressions of Earth,” this song delves into the confusion that often comes with love and relationships.

12- “Chances” – From “Comedown Machine,” this song expresses a fear of vulnerability and losing someone you care about.

13- “Under Control” – This song from “Room on Fire” talks about regret and longing for reconciliation in a past relationship.

14- “Love & Hate” – This unreleased track embodies the tumultuous feelings of love and hate in a relationship.

15- “Evening Sun” – From “First Impressions of Earth,” this track discusses the idea of unreciprocated love and longing.

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