Best 18 Tammy Wynette Love Songs

Best 18 Tammy Wynette Love Songs

1- Tammy Wynette – You and Me

so i’ll just close my eyes and dream about you
cause everytime I dream your always there
then you’ll lock the door behind us
and in my dreams the world can’t find us
and it will be so real to me it’s finally you and me

2- Stand by Your Man

3- Tammy Wynette – No One Else In The World

4- ‘Til I Can Make It On My Own

I’ll get by,
But no matter how I try
There’ll be times you know I’ll call.
Chances are my tears will fall,
And I’ll have no pride at all from time to time.

5- A Woman’s Needs

6- Tammy Wynette – Woman To Woman

7- Womanhood

8- The twelfth of Never

I’ll love you till the poets run out of rhyme
Until the twelfth of never and that’s a long, long time

9- Love Me, Live Me

10- One


12- Apartment #9

Loneliness surrounds me,
Without your arms around me,
And the sun will never shine,
In apartment number nine.

13- You Make My Skies Turn Blue

14- I Just Heard A Heart Break

15- Tammy Wynette – Dear Daughters

16- Tammy Wynette- Your Sweet Lies(Just Turned Down My Sheets Again)

As you love me and then tell me I’m pretty
Those words I need to hear them now and then
I believe you one more time because I love you
And your sweet lies just turned down my sheets again

17- Tammy Wynette “Til I Get It Right”

18- The Wonders You Perform


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