Best 20 Ace Frehley Facts

Best 20 Ace Frehley Facts

Ace Frehley Born April 27, 1951 in The Bronx, New york

His Full Name is Paul Daniel Frehley

His Nicknames are Space-Ace, “Spaceman” or “Space Ace”

Ace Frehley has Spaceman makeup

Ace Frehley’s genres are Hard rock, heavy metal, glam metal

His  Father Karl was an electrical engineer, mother Esther a homemaker.

Frehley started playing guitar at age 13

Ace Frehley has a passion for computer animation. He owns five different Macs because he says you need “big drives and fast access” to run animation software. 

Ace got his first electric guitar as a Christmas gift in 1964.

Before making it as a rocker, Ace had jobs as a mail carrier, a messenger, a furniture deliverer and a liquor store delivery boy. 

In 2007, Ace Frehley appeared in a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts

Ace Frehley Has an IQ of 164.

Ace penned the song “Cold Gin” on Kiss’ debut album

Ace designed Kiss’ double lightning bolt logo.


Ace was once in a band with his brother called The Outrage.

Frehley got the name Ace in high school from friends who felt he was a “real ace” at getting them dates.

In 1985, Ace performed his first live show with his solo band, Frehley’s Comet.

Guitar World magazine ranked him as the 14th Greatest Metal Guitarist of All Time

Frehley currently has three Gibson and two Epiphone Signature Les Paul Guitars.


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