Best 25 Everything Sucks Tv Series Quotes

Best 25 Everything Sucks Tv Series Quotes

1- Ken Messner:Just, brutal honesty, it’s just the best policy.

2- Tyler Bowen :High hopes, low expectations. That’s what my step dad always says. Then again, he’s an unemployed alcoholic who named his dog after a psychopath.

3-Luke O’Neil: We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives.

4-McQuaid : Laughter’s not the only way to show that something is funny.

5- Ken Messner: I meet a lot of parents. After a while, you sort of develop a sixth sense for these things. You strike me as a great parent.

6- Tyler Bowen : My friends have been eaten by spiders.

7- Leroy O’Neil : A real artist doesn’t need friends or family.

8- Leroy O’Neil: We’re all the heroes of our own story. Without even realizing, we’re probably the bad guy in someone else’s.

9-Kate Messner :Someone who would just leave you like that wasn’t worth it to begin with.

10-Emaline Addario : You’re cooler for thinking that you aren’t cool.

11- Ken Messner: You know, I was your age once. There’s a lot of things I never did that maybe I wish I had. Like sneaking out to a rock concert.

12- Kate Messner : Look, my whole life, I have been the freak. The girl who nobody picked for dodgeball. The girl who didn’t have a mom. The girl who dressed funny because it was her dad buying her clothes. And then, tonight I looked at these people, and I thought maybe there’s a future where I don’t have to be a freak. Maybe I can be who I am and that’s okay.

13- Ken Messner:You’re just lighting up the whole room with that beautiful smile of yours.

14-Luke O’Neil : How can we break up if we’re not in a relationship?

15-Oliver Schermerhorn : Monologues are to an actor what cheesecake is to a fat man. They are delicious. They are nutritious. They are absolutely necessary.

16- Oliver Schermerhorn : Jim Carrey is the most underrated actor of our time.

17-Sherry O’Neil : When you’re young, you feel there’s this big world out there, full of possibility, and I chased that feeling. All the way to Boring.

18- Emaline Addario : If I can make a guy hard just by looking at me, I win.

19- Emaline Addario : Hello. Pinecone and Company. Mr. McQuaid. He’s right here. Please hold.

20- Kate Messner : I got lost in the fun house and I started crying, so my mom bought me balloons. And then, we were at the highest point of the Ferris wheel. She told me to let them go. So I did and she said to me, ‘Kate, just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t still there.’

21- Luke O’Neil : You’re not my girlfriend, and yet you keep finding new ways to break my heart. You wanna help? You can start by leaving me alone.

22- Luke O’Neil : If I find myself falling in love with you, I’ll yell ‘banana slug,’ and you can head for the hills.

23-Ken Messner : What is mile high club? Is that a frequent flier thing?

24- Kate Messner : You’re not the only one having a hard time.

25- Kate Messner: I think you’re the most sexy and attractive person I’ve ever met in my entire life. You’re prefect.

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