Bob Dylan And Ringo Starr – Wish I Knew Now (What I Knew Then)

April 14, 1987: Dylan participated in a Ringo recording session at Three Alarm Studio, Memphis, Tennessee, on the song, “Wish I Know Now What I Knew Then” .Ringo did not like the outcome,and successfully sued producer Chips Moman from releasing the material. It has been reported that Dylan testified in Starr’s behalf.

I Wish I Knew Now What I Knew Then (Charlie Craig/Vince Gill) – Bob plays harmonica for Ringo Starr on a song for an album recorded in 1987 in Memphis, TN, that was never released. Thanks to Derek Mankelow for reminding me that Bob also sings on the choruses and also a couple of lines of the song.

Both Dundas and Heylin report that on 14th April 1987 Bob played
harmonica for Ringo Starr at Chips Moman’s Three Alarm Studio in
Memphis, TN. Anyway the album never appeared. Heylin reports that
Ringo thought he was too much “under the influence” at the time, and
I’ve heard that this was when Bob was doing a bit in that direction

Anyway, the “lost” Ringo album has turned up on a bootleg on the Voxx
label called “Lost And Found”. CD1 is Ringo’s “Memphis 1987 LP” and
CD2 consists of out-takes from George Harrison’s “Cloud Nine”

The song on which Bob played was called Wish I Know Now What I Knew
Then – a typical country title if ever I heard one! 🙂 However, I’m
unable to turn it up on the ASACP, BMI or SESAC databases – this may
not be the exact wording of the title. Does anyone know the song and
its author?


On April 14, 1987 (Beatle people say April 29, but they’re less reliable), Dylan repaid the favor, dropping in on a Starr session at Chips Moman’s studio in Memphis to share vocals on ‘I Wish I Knew Now (What I Knew Then)’ – a session it’s reported that Starr had videotaped. This entire album, blighted by Starr’s alcoholism at the time of the prolonged sessions (they’d begun that February), never came out except on bootlegs; Moman tried to issue it but Starr blocked its release, which was to have been in 1989.

That was also the year Ringo turned up again with Dylan, this time at a Never-Ending Tour concert in Frejus, France during the summer festivals season, when Starr was back in action and touring the first of his Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band line-ups (in which at different times various members of The Band, among others, took part). Coinciding geographically, Starr came on stage during Dylan’s June 13 concert to play drums on the last two pre-encore numbers, ‘Highway 61 Revisited’ and ‘Like A Rolling Stone’.



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