Bob Dylan and Tom Waits

Bob Dylan and Tom Waits
Bob Dylan and Tom Waits


Waits’ comments about The Basement Tapes are pretty wonderful, too:

“With Dylan, so much has been said about him, it’s difficult to say anything about him that hasn’t already been said, and say it better. Suffice it to say Dylan is a planet to be explored. For a songwriter, Dylan is as essential as a hammer and nails and a saw are to a carpenter. I like my music with the rinds and the seeds and pulp left in – so the bootlegs I obtained in the Sixties and Seventies, where the noise and grit of the tapes became inseparable from the music, are essential to me. His journey as a songwriter is the stuff of myth, because he lives within the ether of the songs. Hail, hail The Basement Tapes. I heard most of these songs on bootlegs first. There is a joy and an abandon to this record; it’s also a history lesson.”


Bob dylan and Tom Waits Popeye Muhammed ali Backstage


Tom Waits ‘Meets’ Bob Dylan

Tom Waits comments on a variety of subjects through a series of tapes sent into Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour, “where music meets medicine.”



Tom Waits  Congratulates Bob Dylan on being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Tom Waits Tweet About Bob Dylan below 


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