Bob Dylan Art Works – May 2018 (8 Art Works)


Title – Bob Dylan-Painting.

Artist – Christelle Biodeau – A.K.A. Kaleidosc0pe

Medium – Painting.

For more of Christelle’s artworks, visit her web pages at,,,



Title – Dylan the old Guitarist.

Artist – Jeremy – A.K.A. thebulfrog.

Medium – Painting.

*Notes* – Based off of Picasso’s The Old Guitarist. Kind of a tribute to Bob Dylan.

For more of Jeremy’s artworks, visit his webpage at,,


Thanks to Mathieu, for sharing his outstanding, and unique artworks of Dylan with us, 

Title – On The Road

Artist – Mathieu Lépine 

Medium – Chinese Ink.

I adore this woman’s artworks of Dylan,,

Title – Mr. Bob Dylan.

Artist – Sarah Jo Chreene – A.K.A. Dwightyoakamfan.

Medium – Digital Art – Drawn On Paint Tool Sai
And Fixed Up On Gimp 2.6 –

For more of Darah’s artworks, visit her webpage at,,


Title – Outrageously Adorable.

Artist – Emma – A.K.A. Gooseberry007.

Medium – Digital Art – Drawing.

CFor more of Emma’s artworks,, visit her webpage at,,


Title – Bob Dylan.

Artist – Victoria Marshall – A.K.A. Vicsy .

Medium – Acrylics On Canvas Texture Paper.

For more of Victoria’s artworks, visit her page at,,


Title – Dylan.

Artist – Iamail – A.K.A. Real.

For more of Iamail’s artworks, visit his webpage at,,



Title – Bob Dylan.

Artist – FG-Twins.

Medium – Drawing.

For more of FG-Twins artworks, visit her webpage at,,



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