Bob Dylan in Hungary – Concert Count(2) ,Video Reviews and Photograph

October 24 2003 – Bob Dylan Papp László Sportaréna, Budapest


Dylan came to Budapest - but Budapest didn't come to Dylan. The number of
posters around town had been growing exponentially over the last few weeks
which suggested some shortfall in ticket sales.  The cavernous Flying
Saucer of the new Sports Arena was probably less than a sixth full. This
meant that, whatever the price of your ticket, you could choose where to
sit and getting a standing place near the front was no problem at all.
This made the whole event seem far more intimate than your standard arena



Bob Dylan Setlist Kisstadion, Budapest, Hungary 1991, Never Ending Tour



June 12 – 1991 Bob Dylan  Kisstadion, Budapest




Thank you everybody! That was my foreign language song. It’s my only foreign language song.

(after When First Unto This Country).

It’s one of my anti-drug songs comin’ up. It’s one of my first anti-drug songs. (before Rainy Day Women).

Thank you everybody! Give my band a hand! Just one, … that hand. You only got two hands. 

???? Two hands and two feet. And one head! (after Like A Rolling Stone).

Thank you! This is one of my songs about a … You got farms over here? It’s about a farm over there.

(before Maggie’s Farm).

All right! Thank you! If you ever come across the sea to the States …. you can come and see me! (after Maggie’s Farm).

Sadly you won’t be able to hear that comment on this recording


Budapest, Hungary
12 June 1991 

You Can Find Mp3 Here : 

Bob Dylan Setlist Kisstadion, Budapest, Hungary 1991, Never Ending Tour



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