Bob Dylan in Poland – 5 Concerts in History

  • Festiwal Legend Rocka   July 5, 2014 


Bob Dylan Setlist Festiwal Legend Rocka 2014 2014, Never Ending Tour

  • Klub Stodoła, Warsaw  June 7, 2008 


Bob Dylan Setlist Klub Stodoła, Warsaw, Poland 2008, Never Ending Tour



  • Stereo Krogs, Łódź  June 28, 2001  


Bob Dylan Setlist Stereo Krogs, Łódź, Poland 2001, Never Ending Tour

  • Sala Kongresowa, Warsaw July 19, 1994 


  • Cracovia Football Stadium, Kraków July 17, 1994 




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  1. Stereo Krogs, Łódź June 28, 2001 doesn’t seem right (unfortunately).

    According to Bill Pagel – Bob was in Norway at that time

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