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FIRST PLAYED Oct 13, 1989
LAST PLAYED Nov 07, 2013

Bob Dylan – Man in the Long Black Coat

Bob Dylan – Man in the Long Black Coat

Bob Dylan, Man In The Long Black Coat,Liverpool 26.06.1996

Bob Dylan The Man In The Long Black Coat

“The Man in the Long Black Coat” – Bob Dylan – WOW – Stunning “Live” Rare Performance.


Bob Dylan 1992 – the Man in the Long Black Coat



This is a song of atmosphere; the atmosphere of despair.  The lover has gone, for the man left behind, everything is mud or possibly even glue.  There is no way to follow, there is no way out.  We cannot even lift a foot from the floor to try and find the exit.

The third line makes it all so clear.  A straight descriptive line “Window wide open African trees” which has four heavy laden beats on Win / op / Af / trees.   How on earth can one go forwards in this sort of state?

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“Man In The Long Black Coat”

Crickets are chirpin’ the water is high
There’s a soft cotton dress on the line hangin’ dry
Window wide open African trees
Bent over backwards from a hurricane breeze
Not a word of goodbye not even a note
She gone with the man in the long black coat.Somebody seen him hangin’ around
As the old dance hall on the outskirts of town
He looked into her eyes when she stopped him to ask
If he wanted to dance he had a face like a mask
Somebody said from the bible he’d quote
There was dust on the man in the long black coat.Preacher was talking there’s a sermon he gave
He said every man’s conscience is vile and depraved
You cannot depend on it to be your guide
When it’s you who must keep it satisfied
It ain’t easy to swallow it sticks in the throat
She gave her heart to the man in the long black coat.There are no mistakes in life some people say
It is true sometimes you can see it that way
But people don’t live or die people just float
She went with the man in the long black coat.There’s smoke on the water it’s been there since June
Tree trunks unprooted beneath the high crescent moon
Feel the pulse and vibration and the rumbling force
Somebody is out there beating on a dead horse
She never said nothing there was nothing she wrote
She gone with the man in the long black coat.

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