Bob Dylan Snapshots – March 2018 – 10 Photographs (Some Rare)

“First, you can never rebuild the past, and that’s how it should be. Over twenty years a man accumulates experiences, mistake and successes. At the end of the day, he finds out that he has changed totally and that he couldn’t travel the same road again. With the experience that I’ve gained, how could I go back to my youth and say I’d do it all over again? Thinking it through, I’m sure I would never have left home. I got on very well with my parents that they would have a folk-singer as a son. And then, what has been termed the rock revolution, didn’t really happen at all. It was just the logical conclusion of an explosive situation, a situation caused by an experimental phase that was to bring about a great upheaval in the music world. Folk music and rock music are two closely linked phenomena. It’s no coincidence that Elvis Presley was a great folksinger before becoming the king of rock n’ roll and that he started his career in Memphis. — Bob Dylan, 1980
Image © Neal Preston, PEACE SUNDAY RALLY, Rose Bowl, Pasadena, CA — June 6, 1982

Ferris wheel in the background, at the Santa Monica Pier Pacific Park – 1997

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