When Bob Dylan is Reading – 25 Photographs

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Here are Collection of Bob Dylan Photographs When he was Reading Book

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1966 Barry Feinstein Photo – is Bob Dylan Reading About Bob Dylan?


Yes, for a short minute I had doubts, only because of all the photoshopped.
After looking closely, I thought so too, hands, small frame etc.. Often photographed reading papers during that period..
One with Mick on front page.


Bob Dylan reading Melody Maker in 1966 in Dublin

Photo by Daniel Kramer 1964 (Bob Dylan Reading Newspaper)

Photo 1964 by Kramer (Bob Dylan)


Photo by John Cohen 1962 (Bob Dylan Reading US NEWS)


photograph by Daniel Kramer 1964

Pennebaker 1965 – Bob Dylan Reading Melody MAker


Screenshot from the “Mississippi’ video


Bhoto by Barry Feinstein 1974 – Bob Dylan Reading..


Still from colour film by DA Pennebaker 1966
On the back of the booklet with The Live Recordings 1966 box set – Bob Dylan


Bob Dylan

1992-07-16 Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, Nice, France by unknown photographer Bob Dylan


Can’t remember if we had this nice photo by Kramer . . .Bob Dylan in bed reading in Oct 1964 in Hotel, Philadelphia, PA


A fast reader in 1966-04-28 Stockholm, Sweden in Sandberg’s bookstore – Bob Dylan



Did we get this photo . . . i1963-11-02 Jordan Hall, Boston . . .Bob Dylan reading The Braidside


Oct 1975 Bob Dylan at a diner in Plymouth, MA .



photograph by Ken Regan 2000 – Bob Dylan


photo by Michele Minick Danny Clinch 1999


photo by Elliot Landy


1967 . . .Basement session movie making . .   – Bob Dylan


NOW . . . May/June 1964 Paris, France Bob Dylan with Hugues Aufray – 


1965 April/May Savoy Hotel, London, UK  – Bob Dylan

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  1. I’m not sure that first one is 1966 (Bob reading about Bob)? The newspaper photo looks like a shot from Bangladesh, which was ’71.

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