Jeff Lynne and Bob Dylan


On the strength of that, that’s how the Traveling Wilburys came to me. One night while we were recording he said, “We should form a group.” I said, “Who should we have in it?” He said, “Bob Dylan.” I’m going, “Bloody hell.” I never expected that answer. And then I said, “Can we have Roy Orbison?” He said, “Great, I love Roy.” And we both loved Tom. Everyone we asked joined immediately, so that was a great thing. 

 Jeff Lynne

Traveling Wilburys Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty On Writing With Bob Dylan


During a recent chat with Uncut, he was asked if an offer to produce Bob Dylan was ever thrown on the table, Lynne said, “No, it never was. We did a demo once of him singing ‘I’m In The Mood’ in his garage. There was a little 24-track (tape machine) in the corner. We did ‘Handle With Care’ there, too. I first met Bob when I played Budokan in Tokyo. I looked over and he was sitting on a monitor, watching me. I thought, ‘Oh, s***. I’d have done it better if I’d known he was watching.’ Anyway, after the gig, I was signing autographs for a line of about 20 people. I said to this polite Japanese girl, ‘Do you mind if I just take a page out of your notebook?’ So I took the page and her pen and got into the queue to get Bob Dylan’s autograph.”



Jeff Lynne: “Bob Dylan Wanted To Call Us Roy & The Boys”

IF IT HAD been up to Bob Dylan the Traveling Wilburys would have been simply known as Roy And The Boys, Jeff Lynne has told MOJO.

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Jeff Lynne never believed Bob Dylan would join the Traveling Wilburys: ‘It was a wonderful experience’

“As we were doing it, about three weeks in, George said to me, he said: ‘You know what? You and me should have a group.’ And I go [sarcastically]: ‘Wow, that’s a great idea! Who should we have in it?,’” Lynne tells VH-1. “And he says [matter of factly]: ‘Bob Dylan.’ And, of course, I’m thinking he’s going to say, like, Nigel Trilby, from up the road. But no, you know, Bob Dylan!”

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The Travelling Wilburys ~ Handle With Care


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