October 14, 2019 Bob Dylan Palo Alto, California Photographs

Bob Dylan Palo Alto, California Photos images pictures

Palo Alto, California – Stanford University – Frost Amphitheater




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  1. That was a cool event but Frost Amphitheatre is not in Palo Alto, its near Palo Alto. Its at Stanford.
    If it was in Palo Alto there might be sales tax on the tickets that would pay for music in the parks of Palo Alto or keeping the libraries open. (The shopping center known as Stanford Shopping Center is in Palo Alto, somehow – they pay sales tax to the public coffers; the hospital, too).
    I don’t know why parts of Stanford are considered Palo alto and some not, but Frost is not. Bob Dylan has never played Palo Alto, though Jerry Garcia did, numerous times.

  2. I was at the rail for this concert and Bob didn’t disappoint! I also saw Chief Justice John Roberts walking around with two young ladies. I wonder if he got to talk to Bob. I hope so and I hope Bob reminded him that even the President of the United States must sometimes have to stand naked.

    I was alone at this concert and was afraid to leave my spot on the rail to run up the lawn and buy a poster. I thought I’d be able to buy one after the concert was over, however, they sold out and I was unable to buy one. I offered a lady in the parking lot $50.00 for her poster but she wouldn’t sell it. Much later, when I saw the poster and Bob smiling, I understood why they sold out. I would love to find one to buy to frame and hang in my music room, which is covered with posters of all the Dylan concerts I’ve attended. If anyone has one to sell or knows of one, please contact me! Thank You!

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