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The Byrds were the supreme interpreters of Dylan songs, because of the way the refined and focused the various stages and permutations of Dylan’s songwriting.  Some of their most famous recordings, most notably Mr. Tambourine Man , were released and became hits before Dylan even released his own versions.

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The Byrds should be remembered and celebrated for being one of the most influential bands who ever existed, their originals rank right up there with their Dylan / Seeger covers, and as time passed they had just as big an impact on Bob (& the Beatles – and everyone else) as those bands originally had on them. 

Still — having said all that — I love the way they interpreted Bob’s songs.  They have nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to the covers they recorded.    

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Why’d the Byrds cover Dylan songs so much? *

 Dylan was a big influence on the Byrds and they were friends. They also shared the same label, which might have had them (Byrds) hear songs before other acts did.

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The Byrds Bob Dylan Covers

The Byrds – “Mr. Tambourine Man” – 5/11/65


The Byrds – Spanish Harlem Incident

The Byrds – All I Really Want To Do 


The Byrds – Chimes of Freedom


The Byrds – Lay down your weary tune

The Byrds – “The Times They Are A Changin'” – 10/4/65


The Byrds – My Back Pages


The Byrds “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”


The Byrds – Nothing was delivered.


THE BYRDS – This Wheels’ On Fire (1968)


Byrds – Lay lady lay 


Positively 4th Street [Live] The Byrds


The Byrds – Ballad of Easy Rider (1969)


The Byrds- It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (Easy Rider)


The Byrds Play Dylan is the name of two compilation albums by the American rock band The Byrds, one released in 1979 and the other issued in 2002.  As their titles suggest, each compilation consists of interpretations of Bob Dylan penned songs, which The Byrds recorded at different stages of their career. Neither version of the album reached the charts in the United States or the United Kingdom. 

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The Byrds and Bob Dylan – Mr.Tambourine Man.


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How Did Bob Dylan Respond to the Byrds Changing the Lyrics of One of His Songs?

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